CSU women’s basketball to go south for revenge against Lobos


Collegian | Falyn Sebastian

Karsyn Lane, Sports Editor

With less than 10 scheduled Mountain West Conference games left in the Colorado State University women’s basketball season, Colorado State will take on the University of New Mexico for the last time in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. 

The Colorado State women’s basketball team is currently on a two-game winning streak. The Rams will be heading south for revenge against the Lobos for their previous battle Jan. 15, when Colorado State fell short, losing 85-74. 


This matchup would be a huge victory for Colorado State in the Mountain West Conference, as they are currently ranked fourth and looking to battle second-place New Mexico. Regardless of the Rams’ current 14-5 overall season and 5-4 conference records, a win could potentially move the team into third place, putting them back in the top three Mountain West schools. 

As Colorado State reaches the final stretch of the season, there are many notable Rams who have brought their A-game every game. Starting off, junior guard McKenna Hofschild has taken the Rams leaderboards by storm. She leads the Rams with the most points, field goals, free throws, assists and minutes so far this season. Hofschild got 19 points in the last matchup against New Mexico and will be looking for more Wednesday night. 

This can’t be done without the help of guard Upe Atosu and forward Karly Murphy. Atosu leads the Rams with the most steals and 3-pointers (tied with Kendyll Kinzer). She reached a season-high of 15 field goal attempts in the previous matchup against the New Mexico Lobos. As for Murphy, she may not take up the whole leaderboard, but she sure takes every rebound. Murphy holds the lead in the Rams’ most rebounds this season with an astonishing 160, averaging 8.9 rebounds a game.

As the season continues to unfold, it is important to support the Rams in their final stretch. Wednesday will be one of the five remaining away games that Colorado State will travel for before finishing out the season. 


The Rams will take to the road today and face off against the University of New Mexico at 7 p.m. The matchup will be broadcasted on the Mountain West Network, Evoca TV and available on Power 102.9 FM. 

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