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An illustration of a woman looking into a pink mirror with several figures in white hooded cloaks to her right. The background of the image is a bunch of scattered Greek letters.

Masia: Greek life is a cult on CSU’s campus

Sophia Masia, Collegian Columnist April 30, 2024
The issue with labeling a group as a cult is that its followers rarely ever openly identify as cult members — they’re just members, believers or followers. For the purpose of this article, I’m defining a cult as devotion to a person, idea, object, movement or organization because there’s nothing wrong with devotion.
A graphic of CAM the Ram speaking into a microphone to the left of the words, Collegian Columnist.

Pavelko: Cultish fandoms are unwelcoming, polarizing

Hana Pavelko, Collegian Columnist April 30, 2024
People flock to the theaters, desperately trying to buy tickets for opening night so they can claim they were one of the first ones to see it. Some wear their official merch shirts with the movie poster on them; some wear costumes they spent weeks on to ensure that each detail was correct. Everyone stocks up on popcorn and candy so they can stay until the very end of the movie because are you really a fan if you leave before the end-credits scene?
An illustration of two dramatic masks, one depicting joy and the other sadness, among strips of film and next to a movie projector.

Thorn: Stop making cult classic movies into musicals

Astrid Thorn, Collegian Columnist April 30, 2024
The entertainment industry has entered an era of creative burnout. Very few new ideas are being made into blockbuster box office hits, and most of what is being promoted in mainstream media consists of remakes or overused and predictable plot archetypes. One major side effect of this mass burnout is the ever-increasing phenomenon of cult classic movies being remade as musical adaptations.
An illustration of a roadside sign reading, Colorado: the Subaru State, with mountains in the background and the sun shining down from the top right corner.

Souza: Drive a Subaru? Congrats — you’re in a cult

Emma Souza, Collegian Columnist April 29, 2024
Subaru drivers have formed a cult, and I have been inducted. There’s a whole bunch of stereotypes about Coloradans that range from inaccurate to spot on. People here are supposed to be adrenaline junkies, nature freaks and Patagonia obsessed. No stereotype, however, is as perfectly detailed and beautifully accurate as Colorado, the Subaru-driving state.
An illustration of an athlete sitting on the back of Cam the Ram while holding a football and wearing a crown as three other athletes in different uniforms watch from the right side.

Nini: College sports is more about representation than money

Hania Nini, Collegian Columnists April 28, 2024
College sports were under the spotlight as the NCAA national championships dominated headlines and captivated sports fans' attention across the country, highlighting the unique qualities that separate collegiate athletes from their professional counterparts.
A drawing of two hands in different shades of green holding on to each other surrounded by flowing turquoise ribbons on a purple background. One ribbon in the center of the image, right above the hands, is folded in a manner typical of a ribbon that represents a societal movement of some sort.

Thorn: Supporting sexual assault survivors is more than just listening

Astrid Thorn, Collegian Columnist April 25, 2024

Editor’s Note: All opinion section content reflects the views of the individual author only and does not represent a stance taken by The Collegian or its editorial board.  As Sexual Assault Awareness...

Pavelko: Old-school teaching methods are more engaging

Pavelko: Old-school teaching methods are more engaging

Hana Pavelko, Collegian Columnist April 23, 2024
As technology has developed, its integration into education has been inevitable. Whether it be the use of computers and iPads in class to take notes or even the digitalization of standardized testing, the use of technology in school has become almost essential to academic life.
Proulx: Im tired of having to vet TikTok influencers

Proulx: I’m tired of having to vet TikTok influencers

Caden Proulx, Print Director April 22, 2024
I watch a lot of TikTok livestreams. Whether it's to focus on something mindless for a second or because the game they're playing is just visually stimulating, I love a good rot in bed. With the accessibility and popularity of TikTok, almost anyone can become an influencer and establish a fanbase. This seems great in theory, but it also welcomes a lot of ignorant views to circulate in a way that isn't possible with mainstream celebrities.
Souza: Dont wish your life away with existentialism

Souza: Don’t wish your life away with existentialism

Emma Souza, Collegian Columnist April 22, 2024
What is more human than fearing something inevitable? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself whenever I panic over getting older. Why am I scared to die if it happens to everyone? I’m nowhere near close to the end of my life — I’m not even halfway — but it's something that I think about all the time.
Attendees at the Riley Gaines talk, hosted by Colorado State Universitys student chapter of Turning Point USA and The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, hold up posters and signs for a photo April 3. Defend your daughters; defend your kids, Gaines said.

Askren: Riley Gaines’ presence at CSU violates Principles of Community

Emma Askren, Sports Editor April 17, 2024
Hate has no place in sports, no matter how divisive they may seem. As a university that literally has inclusion, respect and social justice listed in its Principles of Community, Colorado State University has failed its student population by allowing Riley Gaines to speak with hate and disrespect to those who would listen.
A graphic of CAM the Ram speaking into a microphone to the left of the words, Collegian Columnist.

Rhoads: Working in a restaurant is more than a job; it’s a community

Darien Rhoads, Collegian Columnist April 11, 2024
From the outside, a restaurant seems like a lawless place. There’s a 13-year-old kid bussing tables, ex-convicts working in the kitchen and a server crying in the walk-in refrigerator. But this chaos, combined with the constant love-hate dichotomy of serving the general public, provides the strongest sense of community I’ve ever worked in.
An illustration with the Colorado State University logo in the center, surrounded by coins, green paper bills and dollar signs.

Proulx: CSU sabe que muchos no pueden terminar la universidad en 4 años, pero no le importa

Caden Proulx and Madison Kratochvil April 10, 2024

Nota del editor: Puedes leer la versión en ingles de este artículo aquí. Traducción de Madison Kratochvil Nota del editor: El contenido de la sección de opinión refleja únicamente las opiniones...

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