Roll call: Rolling paper reviews

What you roll with matters just as much as what you roll.


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Miles Buchan, Staff Reporter

Doobie, roach, cone or jay are all terms for the cannabis delivery mechanism known most commonly as a joint.

This magnificent method of smoking is tried and true and continues to be one of my favorite ways to ingest cannabis. Whether you are new to smoking or a vetted burner, it can be hard to know which papers will best suit your needs. That is why I took a trip to Smokey Monkey on West Elizabeth Street to pick up three different papers for a little review and comparison.


There are many things to consider when picking papers, but I just went with what caught my eye, as this will often be the case when confronted with massive displays of rolling materials. The three paper brands I chose were Willie’s Reserve, Wu-Tang and Raw.

“When it comes down to it, there isn’t really a wrong paper to pick when rolling a joint.”

Willie’s Reserve are the official papers of musician and cannabis icon Willie Nelson. These papers can be found in many smoke shops around Colorado and beyond. These thin sheets are the same size as the Raw Classic 1 1/4 papers and provide enough surface area to roll some serious cones.

While smoking these, I noticed there was no strong smell from the plumes of smoke. I found these papers to have a slight taste that was natural but musty — something to be expected from most papers. All things considered, I enjoyed the joint I rolled from Willie’s Reserve and will definitely be using them again.

Wu-Tang’s king-sized rolling papers are a product I’ve noticed in many smoke shops but never got around to trying previously. As a longtime Wu-Tang fan, I was excited to see these officially branded papers in Smokey Monkey.

These papers are made from 100% natural hemp and are the same thickness as the other two choices but a little more than an inch longer. This means that whether it is a pinner or a shell, these papers have got you and your herbs covered.

When smoking this product, I certainly picked up on a stronger taste than with the other two papers. I had a slightly burnt taste in my mouth afterward and found the hits to feel slightly harsh. These papers are high quality and allow for some big things, but I wouldn’t use them for more flavorful strains.

The Raw Classic 1 1/4 papers — and Raw papers in general — are some of the most common papers that exist for doobie-ous ventures. Raw is a company that makes its papers with the intention of being as natural as possible, and the result is noticeable. Among other things, these papers are made from organic plant material and are GMO free, vegan friendly and burn additive free. This size works nicely for medium to large joints, but other sizes are typically available.

When smoking the little evening joint I rolled with this product, there was a considerable enhancement in flavor compared to the other two. With this joint, the taste was much fresher and complimentary; however, the hits were just as harsh as the Wu-Tang hemp papers. I have used these papers more than any others because of their accessibility and flavor profile.

When it comes down to it, there isn’t really a wrong paper to pick when rolling a joint. Still, I hope this guide proves useful when deciding how to best enjoy your smoke.

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