Puffin’ with Paul: Pineapple Kush Sugar Wax

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After hopping off the ‘Soul Train’ from my last review, I decided to come back with another concentrate review: Pineapple Kush Sugar Wax.

As I made my way down to go see the helpful and courteous staff at Kind Creations, I could not stop thinking about the awesome Pukin’ Beagle piece used in the Blueberry Haze review. It was remarkable to me that I was voyaging to Kind Creations – a shop that had significant influence in Ron Rawson’s career (the artist behind Pukin’ Beagle).

While I was walking past the ongoing construction next to Kind Creations, I remembered the shop’s owner had previously mentioned how their group and their shop brought Rawson from blowing glass in the scientific field to enveloping himself in the culture of glass pipes.

When I entered the clean, tidy and nicely lit shop, the staff warmly greeted me as per usual. They asked which review I was doing, flower or concentrate, and after I told them, they had a perfect rig picked out for me to use in seconds.

(Neall Denman | Collegian)

Coincidently, they had picked out another Pukin’ Beagle rig. This time the rig was a 14mm male named the “Unicycler.” The rig’s standout feature, to me, was the spinning 3-hole propeller percolator. When I pulled through the rig’s double-uptake mouthpiece, I noticed that I had to pull quite hard to make the piece function. This was not a big deal, though, as I enjoyed the fact that I was able to pull on the rig as hard as I wanted without worrying about water traveling through the mouthpiece and into my mouth.

This rig is one of the most unique I have ever used. It was a nice functioning piece, too, as choppy waters created by the spinning propeller percolator made the piece grumble on the Kind Creations’ dab mat. The small opal encasement on the back of the rig was an artistic touch, while the drain cap near the bottom looks like a nice way to empty/clean it after use.

(Neall Denman | Collegian)

The Pineapple Kush sugar wax is an Indica dominant hybrid, something which I usually stay away from. I decided that it would be in the best interest for you, the readers, if I went ahead and covered an Indica dominant concentrate, as I know they are popular among my friends for their earthy tones and ‘kushy’ flavor profiles.

A mix between MKLA and Pineapple Chunk, both of which are offered in flower form at Organic Alternatives, the concentrate sits at a nice 73.89% THC content, with a smidge of CBD too. The concentrate’s yellow-brown color reminded me of the fall leaves just outside the door and it smelled a bit earthy, similar to how those lingering fall leaves start to smell this time of year. This earthy OG scent definitely came through in the taste, which was a sweet and skunky pineapple flavor was, for me, the best part.

(Neall Denman | Collegian)

As I mentioned, Indica dominant varieties are not my favorite. This concentrate was nice, though, as the body buzz, which was effective immediately, was not too strong and did not make me overly drowsy, although I would recommend the Pineapple Kush sugar wax for night-time consumption. One thing I did not like was the dry and crumbly texture of the sugar wax, mainly because it forced me to scoop up a serving instead of just snapping a piece off of a slab.


I give this Pineapple Kush sugar wax 8.75 leaves out of ten, with the only mark against it being the dry and crumbly texture. Although some people like this texture, I think people will enjoy the hoppy/skunky smell and pineapple flavor profiles the most.

Be sure to go check out Kind Creations’ Black Friday sale on November 25th from 10am to 8pm, and visit their Instagram @KindCreations for more info.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this edition of Puffin’ with Paul. Look out for the next installment on collegian.com and in the Collegian November 8th.

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