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Apothecanna Sexy Time oil

Sex, weed, and marijuana suppositories?

Dylan Simonson January 25, 2019

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Well strike the rock and roll, replace the drugs with marijuana and now you got it. Marijuana sex products are getting on the shelfs and quickly getting off (some pun...

Green Report: Cannabis versus Marijuana, which is correct?

Dylan Simonson January 25, 2019

Cannabis, marijuana, ganja, weed, pot, the devil’s lettuce, wacky-tobaccy, and so many more are used to describe the beautiful plant we know and love today. But what is the proper term for it? In...

A shot version of liquid marijuana (Photo courtesy of Will Shenton, Wikimedia)

Green Report: Cannabis Cocktails

Dylan Simonson January 25, 2019

Put the kids to bed for this one (not that they should be up reading this blog anyway) because today we are going to make some cocktails infused with cannabis! Oh boy! Two of our favorite things in...

Indoor cannabis grow (Photo courtesy of  tdfugere of pixabay)

Green Report – Busted!

Dylan Simonson October 12, 2018

Dozens of homes in the Aurora/Denver Metro area were raided Wednesday October 10th by the DEA due to illegal cannabis grows. Hundreds of cannabis plants lined multiple driveways in the Aurora neighborhood...

Marijuana Milk (Dylan Simonson | Collegian)

Green Report: How to make marijuana milk

Dylan Simonson January 19, 2018

Many great dishes and recipes call for one of my favorite things, dairy, specifically milk. Hot chocolate, béchamel sauce, country gravy, are just the first few things that come to my mind that have...

Various Hemp Blunt Wraps
(Dylan Simonson | Collegian)

Green Report: Hemp versus tobacco blunt wraps

Dylan Simonson December 8, 2017

A blunt is a smoking device created by stoners where, traditionally, a cigar is emptied out and filled with marijuana, then rerolled and smoked. This can be done with already rolled cigars, like Swishers or...

Kannaway (Dylan Simonson | Collegian)

Green Report: Marijuana’s Modern Market

Dylan Simonson November 17, 2017

Marijuana has made great progress in recent years. It has gone from being only medically legal in a few states, to recreationally legal in seven states and the District of Columbia. Several groundbreaking...

Garlic Bread (Photo Courtesy of Ayustety of Flickr)

Green Report: Medicated Garlic Bread Recipe

Dylan Simonson November 1, 2017

Love is cool and all, but have you ever had garlic bread? Of course, you have! Garlic bread is the crisp, buttery savior of many dinners, and the only reason to eat at those mediocre Italian restaurants...


Green Report: Marijuana, helping to solve Colorado’s opiate crisis

Dylan Simonson October 23, 2017

A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health, states that opiate related deaths have decreased in Colorado, since legalization. This is great news for cannabis fans across the...

CTV Cooks: Denver Omelette

CTV Cooks: Denver Omelette

Emma Iannacone October 18, 2017

Video by Chapman Croskell RECIPE Chop half of a bell pepper into chunks. Add the pepper along with half a cup of diced ham into a saucepan on medium-low heat. Cook until warm Set aside the fillings Whisk...

Green Report: Cannabis Beverages

Dylan Simonson October 12, 2017

One of the best and most effective ways to absorb cannabinoids is through a liquid beverage. As far as edibles go however, drinks are not the most popular for some reason. However, marijuana beverages...

A firecracker before the halves are placed together

Green Report: How to make a firecracker edible

Dylan Simonson September 17, 2017

One of the most iconic stoner edibles around is a firecracker. It is also one of the simplest to make, as you don't even need to make cannaoil or butter. It requires three ingredients, plus weed, and...

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