Sex, weed, and marijuana suppositories?

Dylan Simonson

A bottle of apothecanna sexy time oil on display
Apothecanna Sexy Time oil

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Well strike the rock and roll, replace the drugs with marijuana and now you got it. Marijuana sex products are getting on the shelfs and quickly getting off (some pun intended).

Foria and Apothecanna have both created a marijuana product, that is designed to enhance the sexual experience for female partners.


Foria’s products can be bought online anywhere in the United States, but only their products that do not contain THC. Otherwise, it must be purchased in a medical or recreational dispensary.

These products are not considered lube, and should not be used as lubricant, although they are commonly referred to as such. It is technically “sensual intimacy oil” and used as pre-lubricant.

Foria and Apothecanna’s “sexy time” are a product specifically designed for enhanced female partners, and doesn’t really do anything for males.

Several women have reported getting high after using one of these products, and even those who don’t enjoy getting high from smoking have said they enjoyed the high given to them after using the product. Some report a high feeling throughout the entire body and even a head high, although this is less rarely reported. More women reported a body high, specifically in the genital region.

The product has been reviewed and reported on by many publications, including Cosmo, and Foria was GQ’s sex product of the year when it launched.

The creators of these products like to point out that effects vary from person to person, but relaxation seems to be the most common, along with heightened sexual pleasure.

Both of these products are coconut oil based, meaning that you can’t use it at the same time you use latex products, specifically condoms.

Both companies also have various other products, but Foria focuses on other products for women or a heightened sexual experience specifically.

One of these products includes a suppository that is supposed to help relieve women’s menstrual cramps. The product is called Foria Relief.  The suppository inserts like a tampon and uses a combination of 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. The CBD helps to reduce inflammation and prevent cramping. The THC acts as a pain blocker that also helps to send “more pleasant signals” to the user’s brain.

The other major product provided by Foria is called Foria Explore. This product also contains 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD, but there’s also a cocoa butter version that contains 30mg of THC and 20mg of CBD. It is also a suppository, but this suppository is intended for “all-natural sensual enhancement and comfort during anal play.”


As mentioned previously, Foria also offers a product that contains no THC whatsoever, and therefore can be purchased anywhere in the United States if you want to purchase some to try, called Foria Awaken. It is not stated if this product contains any CBD, but it does come from the hemp plant.

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