4 must have smoking accessories

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As Northern Colorado’s largest collection of high-end glass, Kind Creations is sure to have a smoking accessory you’ll love. Glass pipes, accessories and specialty pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes ideal to fit the user. Whether you’re looking for a piece that may deliver harsh, intended strong hits or soft subtle ones, these 4 accessories offer the best starting point for beginners that are easy to use and cost-effective.



Bongs function to filter a smooth pull that are easy to use for anyone; beginner or advanced. Kind Creations offers a variety of glass bongs at prices that don’t break the bank. Their bongs are created by specialty artists from across the globe that are not only durable, but unique. Whether you’re looking for a specialty piece or something more affordable ($99 or less), Kind Creations will have a piece that fits your needs perfectly.


Only ranging from 3 to 7 inches long, hand pipes, also known as “Spoons,” are the quintessential pipe. They are constructed from simple, sturdy glass that’s great for when you’re just starting out or on the go. They’re easy to control by using the carb hole, which functions to let air into the pipe so that smoke can easily be cleared when released. Kind Creations has hundreds of pipes that are unique, colorful and will match any personality type. 


This versatile type of piece is a must have for any smoker! Bubblers are designed to be portable, while providing the user with clean water rips. Kind Creations has a wide range of pieces that are hand-blown in store or from other talented artists across the nation. The in store artists blow their glass in a unique way to prevent water from splashing around. These can also be used dry!


Vaporizers, also known as vaping pens, are electronically charged devices that have allowed smokers to ditch the glass in favor of a discrete, on-the-go product to carry around. Better used as a substitute from cigarettes, you can choose from Kind Creation’s wide variety of brands, including Juul.