Green Report: Hemp versus tobacco blunt wraps

Dylan Simonson

A California Dream Twisty's, Original Kong, and High Hemp hemp blunt wraps lined in a row.
Various Hemp Blunt Wraps
(Dylan Simonson | Collegian)

A blunt is a smoking device created by stoners where, traditionally, a cigar is emptied out and filled with marijuana, then rerolled and smoked. This can be done with already rolled cigars, like Swishers or Dutch Masters, or they can be done with wraps, which are cigar papers without tobacco already inside of them, like Juicy Jays and Zig Zags.

Blunts have been enjoyed for years. They were made popular by rappers such as Snoop Dogg and can give you a nice buzz from the tobacco. They are an easy and delightful way to smoke, but some people do not enjoy the tobacco aspect. This is understandable, since tobacco is a major carcinogen and not everyone wants to put that into their lungs.


So, what can these people do if they want the experience of a rolled blunt, but do not want the tobacco? Well your only option used to be to just smoke a joint, which is normally rolled with rice, flax, or hemp papers. As a smoker, I do not find this experience as enjoyable, when I want to enjoy a blunt, or anywhere near the same. Blunts and joints smoke and feel different when being smoked physically. It is a different type of high, different thickness of smoke, different drag, and basically, a joint can’t not suffice the feeling of wanting to smoke a blunt, they are too different. Thankfully, there’s a new way that those who prefer to stay away from tobacco can enjoy a blunt.

Recently, companies like High Hemp have created a 100 percent hemp blunt wrap. Even better, there is CBD in their blunt wraps! Other companies like Kong Wraps are doing the same thing. These blunt wraps come in various flavors, like normal blunt wraps, although not as many options. They have a similar style smoke to tobacco wraps, if not a better, smoother one. The wraps burn evenly, and do not canoe at all. The only down side when compared to a tobacco wrap is the difficulty of rolling one.

Hemp wraps are much harder to roll, and most do not have a glue strip like traditional tobacco blunts, so they can be harder to seal as well. The first few times you roll a hemp blunt, you are going to have to spend a bit more time with rolling than you normally would a blunt, but this time spent is well worth it.

Thanks to the CBD, the blunts are even more calming than normal marijuana, and much more so than tobacco blunts, since tobacco can be somewhat of a stimulant.

So next time you are looking to smoke a blunt, maybe try a hemp wrap, especially if you are not a tobacco smoker with the exception of blunts. This can then cut all tobacco out of your life, which is always a good thing.

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