First permit legalizing marijuana cultivation issued in Mexico

Capelli D'Angelo

Flag of Mexico See also: List of Mexican flags
Flag of Mexico See also: List of Mexican flags (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first permit legalizing growth and consumption of marijuana in Mexico was issued Friday, according to Yahoo News. Mexican health authorities believe that by decriminalizing the drug, violence from the cartels will decrease.

Four people will now legally be able to start grow operations, opening the door to a marijuana market in Mexico. The growers plan to send a message by not smoking the product.


“We will set an example and we will not consume (marijuana) because we have enough information to take a responsible decision. But it will be based on our own conviction, not on threats from the state,” said Juan Francisco Torres Landa, one of the permitted growers.

The four SMART members hope to start a national movement resulting in full legalization of the drug. To read more about the permits issued Friday, see the full story.