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Meet the parents: 5 ways to celebrate graduation with the family

Nick Botkin May 7, 2018

Graduation is a moment of celebration and reflection. It is also an opportunity to strengthen familial connections and have some fun with the folks.  Here are some ways you can celebrate. Have a beer. You...

Mary May Molitor, a freshman interdisciplinary liberal arts major, said CSU is distinguished by a welcoming spirit and the sense that we are all in it together. (Photo courtesy of Nick Botkin/Rocky Mountain Collegian).

Not following the herd: What makes Ram culture unique?

Nick Botkin May 2, 2018

Cam The Ram. Over 500 student groups. 250 plus majors. These are just some facts of Colorado State University one can learn from perusing the CSU's admission website. But what does campus culture...

Relishing the challenges of finals can help boost self-esteem.(Photo courtesy of Nick Botkin/Rocky Mountain Collegian).

I really, really love myself: 5 ways to boost self-esteem during finals

Nick Botkin May 2, 2018

Finals can make you feel like you know nothing. You might feel unable to memorize important ideas. You might have troubles grasping specific concepts. But there are ways to overcome this malaise....

Poet Ross Gay offered laughs with his

Ross Gay waxes poetic with humorous, social commentary at CSU

Nick Botkin April 29, 2018

Peeing in one's pants. Sex poems with ants. Funny nicknames. These were just a few of the pieces that poet Ross Gay read at the Lory Student Center. The event was the seasonal finale of CSU's Creative...

Emphasizing ideas over grades can help foster a dynamic academic climate at CSU (Photo courtesy of Nick Botkin/Rocky Mountain Collegian)

By the book: 5 ways Colorado State can improve its academic atmosphere

Nick Botkin April 26, 2018

Sometimes, it might seem like school is about anything but academics. Football games. Extracurricular activities. Parties. What-have-you. And all are to be expected. But as a venerable land grant...

Chappaquiddick is a powerful, haunting tale about politics and the power of spinning narratives (Photo courtesy of Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures).

Sink or swim: ‘Chappaquiddick’ is a reminder of the power, limitations of narrative

Nick Botkin April 24, 2018

In a world consumed by political spin, the powerful write their own narratives. This is the message of John Curran's "Chappaquiddick."  On a literal level, the movie focuses upon the aftermath of...

Quinn King smiles after describing her favorite part of the The Big Lebowski. (Devin Cornelius | Collegian)

CSU reacts: What are your favorite Coen Brothers movies?

Nick Botkin April 23, 2018

People mangled in woodchippers. Nihilists with cricket paddles. Greek-style sirens in the 1930s South. According to Colorado State University Professor Kevin Foskin, director of the interdisciplinary...

Super Lemon Haze, offered at Organic Alternatives, is a sativa, which offers an energetic and creative high (Photo courtesy of Nick Botkin/Rocky Mountain Collegian).

A guide to different highs

Nick Botkin April 19, 2018

All cannabis is not created equal, nor does every type of cannabis generate the same kind of high. According to Maka Kalai, director of sales and marketing at Organic Alternatives in Fort Collins,...

Pulp Fiction is among the eclectic selection of movies Colorado State students enjoy watching while smoking pot (Photo courtesy of Miramax Pictures)

CSU reacts: What movies spark high times for you?

Nick Botkin April 17, 2018

With 4/20 approaching, you might be feeling high as you prepare for the celebration of all things cannabis. This might include selecting your favorite movies to watch while smoking. Colorado State...

Andy Weiss, founder of the nonprofit organization Launch, interviews Keire Johnson, a subject of Minding the Gap, and Diane Quon, a producer of Minding the Gap, in a Q&A session after the screening. Minding the Gap, a documentary film by Bing Liu, spends five years looking at the lives of Lius friends while growing up and out of Rockford, Illinois and toxic masculinity. (Julia Trowbridge | Collegian)

ACT Film Festival: ‘Minding The Gap’ is an ambitious, haunting look at generations of familial dysfunction

Nick Botkin April 16, 2018

Skateboarding as a release. Dysfunctional families. Identity. These were the subjects that Bing Liu's documentary, "Minding The Gap" addressed. An ambitious effort, the documentary strove to weave...

weed, grinder, smoking, marijuana, pot
(Davis Bonner | Collegian)

High expectations: 5 ways to prepare for 4/20 early

Nick Botkin April 4, 2018

Contrary to popular stereotype, getting high requires a lot of preparation. The holy grail of stoner holidays, 4/20, is no exception. There are numerous factors to take into account, which may seem...

Seriously: Easter Bunny delivers beer to CSU students for a hoppy time

Seriously: Easter Bunny delivers beer to CSU students for a hoppy time

Nick Botkin March 31, 2018

It is all about hoppy times this Easter at Colorado State. Forget candy. The Easter Bunny brought beer. At high noon Sunday, the Easter Bunny brought her Easter IPA,  a chocolate-infused brew to...

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