A guide to different highs

Nick Botkin

A sample of recreational marijuana at Organic Alternatives in Fort Collins, Colorado
Super Lemon Haze, offered at Organic Alternatives, is a sativa, which offers an energetic and creative high (Photo courtesy of Nick Botkin/Rocky Mountain Collegian).

All cannabis is not created equal, nor does every type of cannabis generate the same kind of high.

According to Maka Kalai, director of sales and marketing at Organic Alternatives in Fort Collins, there are thousands of strains of cannabis in existence. Organic Alternatives offers between 30 to 48 different strains, including sativa, sativa/hybrid, indica, indica dominant hybrid and CBD strains, which are beneficial for various purposes, Kalai said.


CBD, or cannabidiol, strains are the most “medicinal,” Kalai said.

So what particular strains are well suited to your daily activities? Here are a few options.


 If you need to do your history homework and need a little higher knowledge, sativas might be your answer.

Sativa dominant strains, in particular, are good for studying and create a “head high,” Kalai said.

 “There is just more of a focus,” Kalai said.

 Hopefully, the periodic tables and the Russian Revolution will come into focus too.

Kalai said such strains such as Blue Dream are beneficial. On the cannabidiol side, AC/DC is also conducive to study mode, Kalai said.


If you are creatively oriented, sativas are also beneficial.


 “Sativa dominant strains and sativas are good high energy, good creative,” Kalai said.

 Toke up, future Beethovens and artistic masters. Tell Tchaikovsky to bring the rolling papers.

 Kalai said some sativa strains offered include Blue Dream, Golden Goat, New York City Diesel and Flo.

Sativa dominant strains and sativas are good high energy, good creative.”-Maka Kalai, director of sales and marketing, Organic Alternatives.


If you just need some relaxation, the most beneficial strains tend to be indicas, Kalai said.

“It is more of a body high relaxing, just more of a mellow high,” Kalai said.

 Indicas have even been nicknamed “indacouch” and are great for sleeping as well as for pain relief, Kalai said.

 Suffice it to say, the sandman might look a little different after some late-night indica toking. 

Some indica strains include Blackberry Kush, Grape OG and Girl Scout Cookies.


Organic Alternatives:

Where: 346 E. Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins

Hours:  Mon-Sat 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Sun 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Contact: 970-482-7100

Strains aside, what are the downsides of toking up?

“Sometimes on sativas they can be a little racy,” Kalai said.

Kalai noted that some people using sativas may experience bouts of anxiety or paranoia. Sativa-dominant hybrids can be a good alternative, Kalai said.

 Kalai also said that given the inherent health risks of smoking, edibles are a good alternative.

What about pricing?

Prices can range. With recreational cannabis at Organic Alternatives, prices can range from one gram for $10 to one ounce for $225. Organic Alternatives will also be offering the best 4/20 specials in town, according to Kalai. Of course, one must be 21 and have a valid form of identification, such as a Colorado driver’s license.

Collegian reporter  Nick Botkin can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com. His Twitter handle is @dudesosad.