High expectations: 5 ways to prepare for 4/20 early

Nick Botkin

Collegian File Photo

Contrary to popular stereotype, getting high requires a lot of preparation. The holy grail of stoner holidays, 4/20, is no exception. There are numerous factors to take into account, which may seem frightening.

Fear not. Here are some recommendations to make the planning a bit easier. 


Make social arrangements

Some of you may want to celebrate alone. In that case, problem solved. But for many, 4/20 is a social experience. You might call up the friends a couple weeks out. Plan the perfect celebration and talk ideas.

Also think about transportation arrangements. You do not want to be driving stoned. You might think the weed will make you a better driver, but do not try it. Having the number for a cab or a non-stoned friend is a must.

Shop for pot

Do not wait until 4/20 itself to do this. You know the dispensaries will be replete with long lines and overeager customers. Prepare in advance, perhaps a few days ahead of time. Think about what sort of high you want to experience. 

Do you want the mindful reverie of an indica? The energetic rush that sativas offer? Joints or edibles? If cost is an issue, also look into specials. You know that there will be no shortage of them. Ask around early. You can be thrifty, without turning to an illegal neighborhood dealer named Bubba.

Choose movies and music

It would not be 4/20 without movies and a well-equipped soundtrack. You know you have to listen to Afroman’s “Because I Got High.” Why? Because you got high.

Decide what type of vibe you want in terms of viewing fare. Stoner films range from the comic absurdity of “The Big Lebowski” to the joyful mindlessness and friendship of “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.” You could even watch something not associated with the stoner experience, although getting high on “Gandhi” or a World War II movie might be a little frightening.

Then again, if watching “Gandhi” high fills you with a certain peace, go for it.


Fun fact

The state of Idaho had to replace their mile sign for 420 with 419.99, due to constant theft.

Buy food

You do not want things to turn into a late-night psychedelic adventure. So stock up on food beforehand. Do it a week in advance, even. If you have friends coming, be amply prepared. Grab every bag of Cheetos you can. Or at least have the number for pizza delivery.

On 4/20 itself, keep the goodies within close proximity. If you are high, a trip to the cupboard might be the most frightening thing ever.

Take care of business before 4/20

I know, this is not a fun recommendation. But you need to attend to obligations, so that you can enjoy 4/20 peacefully and without any trace of stress. Knock out the homework and projects. Attend to work obligations.

You might think you can write a masterful essay or pay the bills stoned. Do not count on your teacher or creditor sharing your high opinion.

Collegian reporter Nick Botkin can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com. His Twitter handle is @dudesosad.