Heart & Soul Paratransit provides reliable transport for those in need


Collegian | Milo Gladstein

Heart & Soul Paratransit van parked outside the family owned business in Fort Collins Nov. 30. (Milo Gladstein | The Collegian)

Piper Russell, News Reporter

Heart & Soul Paratransit is a local, family-run business that offers transportation services to the Northern Colorado area. 

Jason Brabson, the owner, lead driver and scheduler of Heart & Soul, said the business transports people to and from things such as doctor appointments. Brabson said the company also takes people to dialysis appointments and surgeries.


“If you talk to anybody in health care in Larimer County, they’ll tell you there’s always a huge need for transportation providers, and even to this day, there’s still a major need for more providers,” Brabson said.

Heart & Soul was founded by Brabson, a Colorado State University alumnus. Brabson began working for Yellow Cab, now called zTrip, and then got the idea to begin Heart & Soul.

“I started the business because I love being out there and working with people and serving the community,” Brabson said.

Heart & Soul works with Medicaid and InnovAge. The business also contracts with nursing facilities and the Larimer County Office on Aging and offers private-pay rides.

Brabson explained he usually does six to eight rides by 9 a.m., while other drivers usually start between 8-9 a.m.

According to their website, Heart & Soul’s three big commitments are accountability, communication and transparency.

Cheryl Chvatal, a driver for Heart & Soul for five years, said she texts Brabson every time she picks up or drops off a customer. Brabson also said all the drivers work as a team.

“I kind of pour my heart and soul out to these customers, our patients,” Chvatal said. “I want to give them the best service I can.”

Brabson said an issue with some other transportation programs is people get left at appointments or don’t get picked up on time. Brabson said this is one of the “major reasons we got into doing this.”


“The accountability issue of this is making sure that when you accept a ride or you say you’re going to be somewhere, it’s extremely important,” Brabson said.

Regarding transparency, Brabson said Heart & Soul is professional, does trainings and makes sure the vans are clean and in good shape with good tires.

“They’re so punctual; it’s extremely impressive,” said Art Aguilara, a rider of Heart & Soul. “They are right on the dot every single time for every appointment that I need, whether it’s dialysis or a doctor appointment.”

Aguilara also said his Heart & Soul drivers escort him to his door after appointments, help him unlock his door and make sure he is safe in his apartment before they leave.

Aguilara said Brabson will also pick up groceries or prescriptions for customers.

To book a ride, customers must call at least 48 hours and up to two weeks in advance, and some people, such as dialysis patients, subscribe so they are on the schedule for each appointment they have, Brabson said. 

“Our main idea and goal is to help the community and help this specific aspect of that community and then just raise awareness for the tremendous need for paratransit and for what we do,” Brabson said.

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