911 call, body camera footage released in officer-involved shooting

Julia Trowbridge

Editor’s note: The 911 phone call and body camera footage released by Fort Collins Police Services contain graphic content that may be disturbing to viewers.

Fort Collins Police Services released the 911 call and body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting that took place Jan. 12, according to a press release


The officer-involved shooting was previously under investigation with the District Attorney in order to determine if any person committed criminal violations during the incident and if the officer’s use of force was justified. 

A Fort Collins police officer responded to a call where a man, identified as 36-year-old Joshua Moore, was actively shooting a stolen gun in a confrontation with a female. The female was his wife of two years but lived separately for the last six months, according to the investigation into the incident.

Moore fired two shots, one fatally into his own head, and the officer non-fatally shot Moore four times in the lower extremities, according to the report.

According to the Eighth Judicial District Critical Incident Response Team, Moore and the female in the incident got into a verbal argument earlier in the day, prompting the female and her family to leave the home because she was concerned he might come to the residence.

When the female’s 18-year-old son returned to the house, Moore had damaged the house with a sledgehammer. After the female learned about the damage, she returned to the house, and Moore then fired multiple shots into the residence, prompting the 911 calls. 

The officer was not injured, but another person in the surrounding area suffered minor injuries from a shard of glass after a bullet hit a mirror.

After the investigation, the DA ruled that the officer’s use of force was justified and possibly saved the female’s life. The officer, who was placed on administrative leave, is working on returning to duty.

If Moore survived, the DA determined that he would’ve been charged with multiple felonies, including attempted first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, felony criminal mischief, multiple counts of felony menacing with a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon by a preview offender, as well as habitual criminal charges.

Moore was previously arrested for punching a police officer in March 2017, and according to the DA’s report, the gun Moore had acquired was stolen during a burglary in 2017.

The 911 calls and body camera footage have been published in a YouTube video, available below.


The body camera footage starts with an officer at a traffic stop receiving a call for an active shooting in progress, Fort Collins Police chief Jeffrey Swoboda said in the YouTube video. He further discusses the incident before the 911 calls and body camera footage are played. 

“Domestic violence, unfortunately, is everywhere, and if you’re living in a relationship that has domestic violence or you know someone who does, know that we want to help. There are plenty of resources in this community,” Swoboda said in the video. 

In the release, FCPS encourages those in abusive relationships to seek help. People can contact 970-419-FCPD for non-emergencies or 911 for emergencies, and more information about resources for help can be found on Crossroads Safehouse’s website.

“No one should have to live in a relationship that has domestic violence as a part of it,” Swoboda said.

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