Tips for Snowboarding Beginners

Rachel Rasmussen

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By Laura Studley


Proper Gear

You want to make sure your boots fit well or you will be very uncomfortable when on the slopes. Layers are a must. Your snowboard shouldn’t be too tall, it will be harder to manage. Aim for between your chin and your nose.

Determine Stance

Are you goofy? No, not the Disney character. Knowing your stance is imperative when learning to snowboard. There are two snowboard stances — regular and goofy. A regular stance means that your left foot is forward, while a goofy stance means that your right foot is forward more often than not.

Flying Leaf

This technique helps beginning riders learn how to steer their board down the mountain. If you don’t learn this skill, you won’t be able to go on steep runs without dying.

Eyes Lead the Body

Look where you want to go. It’s true, the eyes lead the body. If you are looking down the slope, then your body should naturally try to twist around to go the direction you’re looking.

Heels and Toes

Overemphasize the push on your heels and toes and body rotation when making a turn. Push with either your heels or toes, depending on which way you want to turn.

Knees, Knees, Knees

BEND. YOUR. KNEES. Don’t lock up. With bent knees, you can handle bumps better. This doesn’t mean squatting.