Behind The Wright Life

Trigg Skoe

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In Old Town Fort Collins, the heart of frisbee and skateboarding can be found at The Wright Life. Known in Fort Collins as the frisbee and skate hub, The Wright Life has been part of the community since 1981, participating in events and programs all over Fort Collins. A quick look inside The Wright Life, previews the multitude of frisbee products including ultimate and disc golf necessities. The Wright Life can set you up to become a pro or just give you the gear to get started. They also carry some sweet snowboarding and skate gear as well.

The owner and founder, Bill Wright, began school at Colorado State University in 1976. Immediately, Bill began playing disc sports and was joined by other frisbee fans, Ava Muslin, and Doug Brannigan. This began a club of sorts and later, in 1978, became The Grateful Disc Frisbee Club, the first on CSU’s campus to be registered with the International Frisbee Association. Bill really found where he belonged and ended up taking it a lot further than most could imagine. In 1980 Bill, alongside others on the Coloradicals won their first of five world titles at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  

After the Coloradicals, Bill went on to start his business idea: The Wright Life, where alternative sports would be highlighted and the slogan was and still is “The Most Fun Wins.”  Seeing the need to fill the need of Front Range outdoor members, Bill began the first store, carrying snowboards, skateboards, and of course specialty lines of flying disc products.

The Wright Life and its owner Bill have had huge influences on not only the Fort Collins community, but many of the sports that surround it and  far out into all of Colorado. Stop into The Wright Life for some the best, fully vetted, and reasonably products in frisbee sports, snowboarding, and skating. You’ll be buying local, from a legend. . If you are lucky maybe you’ll hear some of Bill’s many other accomplishments including winning the World