Paddle Board @ The Comedy Overlook

Trigg Skoe

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So you want to paddle board? SUP (stand up paddle board) is easy and fun!


We are a family owned, local business that operates a few short feet from the shoreline of Satanka Cove at Horsetooth Reservoir.*Those familiar with Satanka Cove will attest to the beautiful scenery.

Grab a quick lesson and be SUP on the water in minutes.We provide you with a short, fun and informative indoor lesson.

Regardless of your skill level, first time, advanced, or somewhere in-between you will learn some new skills!

We provide all equipment for your use after your lesson.

Our Bounce SUP® and SUP ATX® paddle boards are wide, stable, and are suitable for all levels of ability! Each paddle board is outfitted with a paddle, personal flotation device and safety whistle.

Let’s get you SUP on the water! TM

Please visit our website at, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

*Limited parking availableComedy-Overlook-Entrance