Hiking in Fort Collins

Trigg Skoe

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By Trigg Skoe


Feeling ready for summer? Here are a few easy hiking trails to get you outside and active! Make sure to check for regulations on activities, closures, and weather before leaving.

Horsetooth Rock and Waterfall

Horsetooth Rock above Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, CO (Skyler Pradhan | Collegian)

Horsetooth Falls and Horsetooth Rock are located in the Horsetooth Mountain open space just west of Fort Collins. Both these hikes offer great trails with amazing views of Fort Collins. The Falls hike offers an easier trek with less uphill and distance. The waterfall runs during the spring and offers a pool to cool off in after the hike. Horsetooth Rock on the other hand gives you a little more challenge with summiting the Horsetooth Rock. This hike is 5 miles long compared to the shorter Falls hike at 2.9 miles.

Recently engaged couple Brian Merlin and Aneka Jensen take in the view from atop Arthurs Rock in the Lory State Park on Saturday. The 2,492 acre State Park is located along the Rocky Mountain Foothills adjacent to the Horsetooth Reservoir and includes over 20 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Arthur’s Rock
In Lory State Park a less busy hiking trail, compared to Horsetooth, can be found. Arthur’s Rock gives hikers spectacular views of the reservoir and the city of Fort Collins. It offers a little more seclusion than that of Horsetooth Mountain open space. This hike is 3.4 miles long and during the spring can have a small creek running next to parts of the trail.

Grey Rock
If you haven’t been to the Cache La Poudre canyon yet, make sure to plan a weekend to check it out. There are many activities offered up the canyon, but one of the most iconic stopping spots and activities has to be the Grey Rock hike. This hike is a more challenging one that brings you up to a meadow below the base of the big grey rock and then brings you to the summit where you’ll find rain filled ponds and breathtaking views. Grey rock offers dispersed camping and the hike is 7.1 miles long.