Outdoor Party Games

Trigg Skoe


By Michael Berg


Halloween party, camping, tailgating, or your regular weekend house party… whatever the occasion, students at CSU have found ways to feed their competition jones. Whether they are “in it to win it” or just playing to see who buys the next round, party goers in FoCo have plenty of outdoor party games from which to choose from. The old standbys like Beer Pong, Rage Cage, Ladder Toss and Bocce Ball are still popular but a number of newer games have come on the scene in recent years. Here are the top games that RamPage recommends, and be sure to check out online instructions from google if you are interested in the details of the games:

Beersbee (Matthew J. Van Deventer)

Beersbee: We at RamPage argue that this is one of the most addicting outdoor games there is. All you need to make this game a hit are two ski poles, a frisbee, some beverages, and a competitive attitude. (Beersbee.com)

Extreme Bocce Ball

Extreme Bocce Ball: This spin-off on the traditional game of Bocce Ball brings the competition level up a few notches. The idea is simple, just bring your Bocce Ball set wherever you travel, be it camping or to your favorite outdoor hangout spot. The rules are minimal and using the trees, rocks, and other outdoor obstacles to your advantage is highly encouraged. This game will keep a smile on your face and is a great past time for camping or hanging in the outdoors.

KanJam: KanJam of Getzville, NY has seen interest in their homegrown frisbee-centric game explode, leading to trademark deals with big shots such as Major League Baseball. The simplicity of this game is what makes it so attractive to us at RamPage. So now a Colorado Rockies’ tailgate party can include Rockies branded KanJam cans and accessories.

Spikeball: Chicago based outdoor game called Spikeball boasts of over 1 million players worldwide with 1,500 nationally ranked tournament teams. It’s a mix of foursquare and volleyball, and makes for great workout. If you really get into the game, or want to learn more about it, then reach out to the CSU Spikeball Club found on the Campus Rec website.

Giant Jenga can be very entertaining. Get creative and write rules on the bottom of the blocks for people who pull them.

Human Sized/Giant Jenga: This twist on the classic game called Jenga can be very entertaining. Jenga blocks get a serious size upgrade, by using cut up 2×4 sections as Jenga blocks. Get creative and write rules on the bottom of the blocks for people who pull them!

Giant Beer Pong (Image Credit: Paul Cioca)

Human Sized/Giant Beer Pong: If you don’t know what Beer Pong is by now, well which rock have you been living under? This rendition of Beer Pong large takes trash cans and uses larger objects such as volleyballs/basketballs or any appropriately sized object instead of ping pong balls. This twist on the party game classic is guaranteed to pull a crowd.

Rage Cage: Rage Cage brings intensity to the table and can rile up a boring party in a heartbeat. The same supplies as Beer Pong are needed, just gather more people around the table and add more cups.

Rage Cage (Michael Berg | Collegian)
Beer Die (Central Coast Beer Die)

Beer Die: All you need is large table, two die, some beverages and cups to make this game a hit at your next outdoor party. “Catlike reflexes” are the key to winning this intense game. Beer Die is gaining popularity, working its way into more and more college parties.  


As a reminder, be sure to simply Google the details on the games above for more information. There are many more outdoor games to choose from but this is list and brief description of some of our favorite ones. Try them all and let us know which is your favorite on Instagram at #csurampage or at collegian.com/rampage.