Abundant amount of street smokers leads Denver mayor to consider allowing pot clubs

Capelli D'Angelo

The flag of the City and County of Denver sinc...
The flag of the City and County of Denver since 1926. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The hype of legal marijuana has died down a bit in Colorado. Now authorities have a chance to evaluate effects of the new market.

According to the Denver Post, Michael Hancock, the mayor of Denver, might allow pot clubs to open in the city. Offering tourists such a wide selection of marijuana is irrational if the state does not provide a place to legally smoke it.


When marijuana was first legalized in Colorado, Mayor Hancock argued that in order to create a restrictive environment public consumption must be banned. Three years have passed and it has become evident that a place for stoners, visitors or residents, is needed.

There are hundreds of dispensaries in Colorado, but close to nowhere to smoke, not including personal homes. This dilemma has led many to smoke openly in places downtown like the 16th street mall or in various city parks.

“When you start looking at what the users are doing, whether they are visitors, walking up and down the mall and smoking in our parks, you recognize if someone doesn’t have a residence here that they have got to have an outlet. I haven’t said, ‘Yes.’ But I have said, ‘Give me more information,’” Hancock told the Denver Post.

Up until now, authorities in Denver have been successfully shutting down businesses offering a public place to smoke. In the future, those who wish to legally open an establishment like this will be forced to obtain a license.

To read more about the mayor’s perspective on the issue, check out the full story.