Healthy Sweet Alternative This Holiday

English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake.
A neatly decorated Christmas cake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holidays are full of cheer, and also full of calories. If you’re careful, you can avoid the Fruitcake 5, or you could just eat more of these alternative sweet treats.

“It’s here, the season where the brightly coloured wrappers and decorated boxes adorn chocolates, biscuits and sweets – all in the name of Christmas.


For some, this represents dietary abandon with the resolution to bring it all round in the New Year.

But some of us have had enough of that swing and prefer not to feel like we’re lurching from a sugared-up state that leaves us feeling sluggish, bloated and well, a bit dirty to somehow suddenly having the willpower to give it all up come Hogmanay.”

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