Living the Alternative: 5 realizations that will instantly make you feel old

Taylor Felver

Sure, we all hear things or do things (like graduate college) that make us feel old. Have you ever been walking by someone and caught a snippet of their conversation and you think to yourself, wow I feel old if that’s what the freshman are talking about now? If had a nickel for every time a professor said something about them feeling old because of who or what their teaching, I would be wealthy enough to pay for college. While most of us have had those moments or will in the near future, have moments that make you feel ancient, check out these mind blowing facts that will make you reflect on just how “old” you really feel.

1. 1990 was 26 years ago.


Whhhaaatttt? Some of you may be like well, duh, but think about it. We all refer to the 90s styles that are making a reappearance and talk about our childhood days of inflatable furniture and chunky highlights, but really it just does not feel like that long ago. And for the majority of those born or about to graduate college, that was the decade we grew up in. Crazy.

2. The Motorola Razr was first released 13 years ago.

This may not seem like a big deal, but who doesn’t remember when everybody had one of these? It was the new door to sophistication in the cell phone realm. If that’s not enough to weird you out, there is one featured in THE SMITHSONIAN. Talk about old.

3. The Harry Potter series turns 20 this year.

For those who are and have grown up being fans of this classic tale, the Harry Potter series turns the same age as many college sophomores this year. I’m not sure what’s weirder about that fact. Feel old yet?

4. The newest generation of teens will not physically remember 9/11

While most of us may have been barely old enough to remember that sad, sad day some of us can still remember being pulled out of school or watching it on TV. This new generation of teenagers will have only the footage to remind them and will learn it as a historically tragic event.

5. We are closer now to the year 2030 than we are to 2000.

Obviously, once again, this may be a no brainer. However, think about it. The “early 2000s” seems so long ago, yet so close. Even the trends are low key coming back into date. Who knows, maybe NSYNC and Spice Girls will make a reappearance. Regardless, if this does not make you feel old I’m not sure what will.