Living the Alternative: How to travel solo

It is no surprise that travelling continues to not only be a growing topic trending across multimedia platforms, but also because travelling itself tends to be something more people are finding themselves interested in. One of the biggest considerations in regards to exploring and taking off on an adventure, be it near where you live or across the globe, is whether travelling s-o-l-o can actually be beneficial.

While this may be relatively new and trending, particularly for millennials, solo travel sparks lots of conversation. Travel planning usually takes time and different considerations may weigh in on your decision of whether or not to go it alone.


Recently, I listened to various podcasts that I believe really illustrate why solo travel may be a fresh take compared to travelling with people who you are familiar with, which is also rad, but hopefully at least once in your lifetime you will have the chance to go somewhere new by yourself.

Listen to this podcast:

Here we have Jason Moore diving into the topic and noting that while there are many stereotypes or mixed thoughts that come to mind when considering a great and daring adventure sure to be filled with possible fears, the perks outweigh them all. Listen specifically to the person he interviews, Henry, as I found that his take is quite refreshing and can answer some questions you may have in regards to the solo travel love affair so many are taking part in now.

Read this article:

So for many women, myself included, the scariest thing about solo travel was just that, being by yourself. Solo travel, however, does not necessarily mean that you are alone. Take Sarah Hepola for example and learn something new. It is truly freedom.

Watch this video:

This video combats the questions or myths you might have head on, not just that, but if you are seriously considering taking a solo travel journey then her tips are supreme. Not just travelling safely, but smartly. Take note.

Whether this is a soon to be reality or a far off goal, do not let travelling solo dissuade you from going on an adventure that could change you for the better.