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Cannabis Celebration (Photo Courtesy of GoToVan of Flickr)

Green Report: How to Prep for 4/20

Dylan Simonson March 4, 2020

The beginning of April is upon us, and for those in the cannabis community it is a special time of year. A day of the year we all try and get off but get weird looks from our managers, even when we...

How your honey should look after finishing, and how it will look after it has set

Green Report: Medicated honey recipe

Dylan Simonson December 13, 2019

Honey is one of the many thing bees are great for, so make sure you save the bees! Bee-cause without them, we would not be able to make medicated honey! Medicated honey is another great infusion method...

Cannabis Cash (Photo courtesy of Vapor Vanity of Wikimedia)

Green Report: Sticky-icky Stocks Soaring

Dylan Simonson October 21, 2019

Sponsored by: Kind Creations As cannabis continues to climb into our world and becomes less stigmatized, the more ways there are to legally profit off the craze. Cannabis stocks and ETFs are on...

Hemp seeds (Photo Courtesy of Cheifyc of Pixabay)

Green Report: Hemp Foods

Dylan Simonson May 1, 2019

Hemp is used for all kinds of amazing things, as we have covered in the past. Today we focus on hemp foods. A food craze that has really hit the ground running since recent legalization. Major players...

Redman and Method Man (Photo Courtesy of Mikav of Wikimedia Commons)

Green Report: 4/20 Events in Colorado

Dylan Simonson April 15, 2019

Around Colorado, there are many great ways to celebrate 4/20. Here’s a list of a few ways to spend the day if you want to be out and about at an event, and a few related events in the days prior....

Springtime Smokeables

Green Report: Springtime Smokeables

Dylan Simonson March 25, 2019

Picture this: You and your partner frolicking through a flower field at a park on a lovely spring day, prancing merrily with your picnic basket ready for a splendid stoned lunch! But what is this?...

Green Soda (Photo Courtesy of PXHere)

Green Report: Pot Pop- Soda Recipe

Dylan Simonson March 20, 2019

One of my personal favorite edibles of all time is cannabis soda. They are easy to drink, are potent, and taste great. I tend to not like sweet edibles but cannabis sodas make an exception due to their...

Taxes (Photo Credit 401(K) 2012 on Flickr)

Green Report: Lazy Lion Avoids Taxes

Dylan Simonson February 22, 2019

Owners of The Lazy Lion in Colorado Springs, Colorado have recently been found guilty of filing false tax reports. On Wednesday February 13th, 31-year-old Andrew Poarch pled guilty to these charges,...

Cannabis Leaf (Photo Courtesy of PabloEvans of Wikimedia Commons)

Green Report: Sweet Leaf’s Sour Sentence

Dylan Simonson February 5, 2019

On Friday January 25th, 2019, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann sentenced the three owners of the now disbanded Sweet Leaf Dispensary to a year of prison for allowing customers to participate in...

Apothecanna Sexy Time oil

Sex, weed, and marijuana suppositories?

Dylan Simonson January 25, 2019

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Well strike the rock and roll, replace the drugs with marijuana and now you got it. Marijuana sex products are getting on the shelfs and quickly getting off (some pun...

Green Report: Cannabis versus Marijuana, which is correct?

Dylan Simonson January 25, 2019

Cannabis, marijuana, ganja, weed, pot, the devil’s lettuce, wacky-tobaccy, and so many more are used to describe the beautiful plant we know and love today. But what is the proper term for it? In...

A shot version of liquid marijuana (Photo courtesy of Will Shenton, Wikimedia)

Green Report: Cannabis Cocktails

Dylan Simonson January 25, 2019

Put the kids to bed for this one (not that they should be up reading this blog anyway) because today we are going to make some cocktails infused with cannabis! Oh boy! Two of our favorite things in...

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