1st CSU International Symposium to be held in 2020

Charlotte Lang

Colorado State University is about to get a little more global.

On Feb. 25-27 of next year, CSU will begin its first International Symposium.


Hosted by the Office of International Programs, the symposium will aim to highlight the ways CSU students, faculty and partners add global dimensions to their teaching, learning, research, scholarship and community engagement.

According to the Office of International Programs, this symposium will be an opportunity to showcase CSU’s international engagement on campus and around the world.

This is a chance to showcase what all sorts of people are doing in the international area.”

Kathleen Fairfax, vice provost for International Affairs

The office has invited CSU students, faculty and staff to submit proposals for the symposium. These proposals can cover a wide range of international topics, such as educational experiences, research, social and environmental issues, health, culture, language, politics, economics and the arts.

The symposium will include a keynote speaker, sessions for people to attend and a visual showcase of international activities.

“We want this to be similar to the way the Diversity Symposium is a chance for people across campus to have a chance to showcase what they’re doing to support diversity efforts,” said Kathleen Fairfax, vice provost for International Affairs. “This is a chance to showcase what all sorts of people are doing in the international area.”

Fairfax said this symposium will be a chance for students, faculty and others to learn from each other and see what other people are doing.

The symposium is a re-envisioned version of the International Colloquium, Fairfax said, which is usually a higher-level seminar focused on a particular topic. Different topics were used each year, so it would touch on a different group of people each year.

The symposium aims to broaden this audience.

“We deliberately made the symposium totally open-ended to get submissions from a broader array of disciplines, and we have been getting that,” said Diana Galliano, executive assistant to the vice provost for International Affairs. 

Galliano said that the proposals currently coming in include traditional hard science but also things in the arts and humanities. 


Sessions for the event will be one hour in length, free and open to the public. It is currently anticipated for audience sizes to range between 10-50 people.

Formats for the sessions can vary. These can include panels, roundtable discussions, use of technology, games and other innovative formats. It is especially encouraged for sessions to focus on current trends, topics and emerging areas of research or investigation.

The visual showcase will be a chance for students, faculty and staff to communicate their international work or studies through visual media, according to the symposium’s page online.

Formats for the visual showcase can include video, photography, art, performance art, research posters and other visual media.

“There are lots of things that people might be doing internationally that you can’t really describe by talking or in a panel, but you can show it,” Fairfax said. “Our visual showcase is a chance to really explore all the ways that CSU is international in a visual or performing arts kind of way.”

Galliano said proposals and submissions for the symposium don’t need to be a traditional lecture or panel discussion. 

“We encourage people to be creative in the formats to engage the audience and make it more interesting for them as presenters,” Galliano said. “We’re hoping to generate interest that way, both for the presenters and audience attending, so it’s not just listening to people talk.”

Proposals are due online by Oct. 31.

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