ASCSU Senate discusses summer achievements, future projects

Charlotte Lang

Associated Students of Colorado State University President Ben Amundson gives an executive report to recap the growth of ASCSU through the summer and future goals to the ASCSU Senate Sept. 4. (Colin Shepherd | Collegian)

The Associated Students of Colorado State University focused on the year ahead in their first Senate meeting of the 2019-20 year.

President Ben Amundson and Vice President Alex Farias took time to inform the Senate about their goals for the upcoming year.


The Senate also elected and ratified officers for the Internal Affairs Committee, Board of Student Organization Funding, Supreme Court and Executive Branch.

Summer projects

Amundson presented a variety of accomplishments ASCSU had achieved over the summer.

“I am really privileged with the cabinet I have been given because, holy cow, they have done a whole lot, even over the summer, to really make some accomplishments for ASCSU on your behalf,” Amundson said. “I really appreciate that, so please don’t hesitate to hold us accountable.”

Some projects include a community garden with the College of Agriculture, developments in recycling, new scholarship programs and international days planned for international students.

Amundson said the community garden will provide produce for food insecurity programs around the University.

“It really is a good program and a good way for us to serve and give back to students,” Amundson said.

One of the bigger goals Amundson presented was growing first year student interest in ASCSU.

“One of our big priorities is getting more first year students involved in ASCSU,” Amundson said. “We have almost 500 people signed up for more information. That’s almost one-tenth of the freshmen class. That’s a huge accomplishment.”

Goals and announcements


Amundson also discussed plans for the year.

I just want to let you know that we’re willing to work and grow even more.”
President Ben Amundson

Amundson said that, in upcoming weeks, the Senate can expect to discuss ideas such as renting out graduation caps and gowns to students who can’t afford it.

“I had some heartbreaking emails last year from students who could not walk at graduation because they did not have caps and gowns,” Amundson said. “We want to see how we can fix that.”

Another upcoming project is student organization safety funding.

This project will focus on creating avenues for student organizations to pay for security for high profile events, Amundson said. 

Amundson ended his presentation by highlighting the growth he and other members have been through.

“We want to show that we have grown as people,” Amundson said. “I just want to let you know that we’re willing to work and grow even more.”

Vice President Farias also gave a few announcements for the upcoming weeks, namely the Student Fee Review Board.

Farias said the board looks at 19 fee-funded areas and $68.3 million in student fees and asked for applications to be sent to her by Sept. 12.

Internal Affairs Committee Chair election

With a 17-12-1 vote, the Senate elected Senator Tristan Reyez into the Internal Affairs Committee Chair position.

Reyez ran against Connor Cheadle, who is the senator for the College of the Liberal Arts and recently rewrote the ASCSU Constitution.

Reyez, senator for the College of Health and Human Sciences, said that he was running because he believed passionately in the organization and wants to improve internal organization and accountability.

Reyez also said he wants to see more outreach to the diversity offices and other colleges.

“I definitely want to see more outreach to the colleges and make sure we’re filling seats,” Reyez said. 

Diversity was also something Reyez said he wanted to see more of in the Senate.

“Diversity, in my opinion, is not just bringing people to the table; it’s listening to their voice,” Reyez said. 

Officers of the Board of Student Organization Funding, Supreme Court and Executive Branch were ratified following the election.

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