CSU students respond: Apple Music or Spotify?

Spotify logo (Photo courtesy of pixabay.com)

Free trials are essential to any college student, but when it comes to music subscriptions, which provider is worth the cost? Spotify and Apple Music are the top providers in the industry right now, and they both bring something unique to the table. Here is what CSU students had to say on the matter:



Alex Aguina said Apple Music offers a better music selection.

“Apple Music has exclusive music because of their partnership with Beats,” Aguina said.

Olivia Palizzi said Spotify’s playlist feature makes it the better provider.

“It is very convenient because you can also share these playlist with anyone and everyone,” Palizzi said. “Spotify also has more platforms that you can listen from like, for example, my PlayStation.”

Carlos Hernandez said Apple Music is easier to use than Spotify.

“Apple Music is integrative and very user-friendly,” Hernandez said. “Apple is known for having high class items. In my mind, Apple means good quality, which is why I pay for Apple Music.”


Bobby Vlier said Spotify does not work well with other devices.

“Spotify is a pain because sometimes when you add music on your phone sometimes it will not transfer over to your laptop and vice versa,” Vlier said. “The continuity of Apple Music is what I like about it. You can use your own music or Apple Music on your iPhone.”

Cristian Mena said Apple Music is better because it is more efficient.


“Songs come out faster with Apple Music,” Mena said. “I have Apple Music because iTunes is already an app within an iPhone. Why download a separate app when iPhones come with the same thing (that is) just called something different?”

Jessica Pitzer said Spotify provides better options for finding new music.

“With Spotify, I feel like I get my money’s worth with the option to follow your favorite artist,” Pitzer said. “Discover weekly is the best feature about Spotify. It gives me something to look forward to every week. Spotify gives the power back to the people with their options of music, and I enjoy that.”


“Spotify has been in the game longer,” said Derek Wayne. “I think if Spotify was not offering its best to their fan-base, it would not have been in the game for so long.”

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