Annual Student Art Exhibition opens at the Curfman Gallery

Ashley Potts

Student artists have taken over the Curfman Gallery in the Lory Student Center. The end of the year Student Art Exhibition has opened and will run through the end of the semester.


“The show is comprised entirely of artworks by student artists from CSU,” said LSC Arts Director Doug Sink. “It’s open to all CSU students, not just art students.”

The Student Art Exhibition showcases work from graduate and undergraduate students. The chosen works represent many areas of study including drawing, electronic art, fibers, graphic design, metalsmithing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

This year’s exhibition had a huge turn out. It was juried by Linny Frickman, the museum director at CSU’s Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, and Maureen Corey, curator of Art at Loveland Museum. Both have impressive curatorial and educational experience.

“As I remember, we had over 300 submissions and we chose around 40,” Frickman said. “The process was very selective. Doug Sink told me that this was an unprecedented number of submissions.”

Frickman and Corey each went through the 300 submissions before coming together to make the final decisions.

“That selection took an entire afternoon,” Frickman said. “We talked through those that we agreed on, and then one by one discussed the merits of other pieces until we had a final list.”

Sink said the selected pieces were judged with a specific criterion.

“Works were chosen based on quality of technical aspects, conceptual interest of the artwork and aesthetic appeal.”

This exhibition takes place every spring and it is often an important first step for many students to show their work and talk about work in a gallery setting.

“Students spend a ton of time during their college experience honing the skills of art making, but not nearly as much time learning the practical aspects of showing art in a gallery or museum.” Sink said. “This exhibit provides them with an opportunity to go through that process with a gallery that has their best interests in mind and can do a little coaching along the way.”


The exhibition will be on view through the end of the spring semester. The Curfman Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Collegian reporter Ashley Potts can be reached at or on Twitter @11smashley.