Go Outdoors: Snow day 2, the sequel

Troy Wilkinson

A once-in-a-lifetime second snow day has happened at Colorado State University and it has left me, and what seems most other students, in a state of ambiguity and glee as people figure out how to best make use of it.

It’s a mix-up, an odd sequence of weather patterns that have led Fort Collins to become a snowy wonderland just hours after the warm, open skies of Tuesday. There’s a whole lot to be gained out of this second snow day. It may have taken away the sunshine, but it also has taken away school and given another type of unexpected paradise.


Now, sequels are never the same as the first one, but nonetheless this one was welcomed. It was not worse, just different. The barrage of white was surprising welcome gift.

Photo by Troy Wilkinson(Photo by Troy Wilkinson)

Snow days, I likely need not explain, change the game. The first one of the semester, so it seemed, invigorated the community into an adventurous party. The second, well, things are a bit quieter this time around. Any snow day seems to shift the mindset of everyone who experiences it, though.

If one ventures outdoors, there’s bound to be community snowfights, snowmen and women everywhere, people being quite a bit goofier and playing like children.

The whole landscape becomes a marshmallowy playground and all the homes turn into heated, hearty shelters.

Similar to the first day of spring (which was not too long ago) when the sun shines bright and uplifts most moods, snow days in many ways do the same.

Whether it be inside or outside, the snow covered community comes together and becomes more integrated, more desirous of spending time with one another. The weather is a powerful beast that shapes the way communities live. I’d encourage people to think about just how much the weather influences their emotions, their activities, their life. It may be more than you’d think.

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