Top 5 4th of July recipes

Still looking for a good dish to share this 4th? Check out these awesome recipe ideas.

1. 4th of July Strawberries


This sweet appetizers are incredibly easy to make in a pinch.










2. Grilling with Foil

The great thing about foil is it locks in all of the seasoning during the grilling process, making whatever is inside that much juicier. Check out Food Network’s list of top 50 grilling items.







3. Best Burgers

Nacho burger? Yes please. The great thing about the 4th is it’s the best excuse to go all out on your burger recipe. Check out Delish for other unique recipes and get grillin’.









4. Alcoholic Pudding Shots

Remix your cocktail with these 4th-inspired pudding shots. Find other recipes like this at the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.


5. Fruit Tart Flag

This tasty dessert requires only four ingredients but serves 48.