Meet the Shotgun Sport Club

Mike Berg


CSU Shotgun Sport Club at 2017 the ACUI National competition in San Antonio, Texas. (Provided by CSU Shotgun Sport Club)

By Michael Berg


One of the many successful club teams that we have on campus is the Shotgun Sports Team. They rank among the best in the nation placing top five the last two years. They encourage both men and women who have interest to stop by their meetings every Wednesday at 7pm in the Military Sciences Building, and want students to know that there is no deadline for signing up with the club. According to Connor Nikkola, club president, the best way to contact them and stay up to date is on their Facebook page. Here is a short bio provided by the CSU Campus Rec website:

“The Colorado State University (CSU) Shotgun Sports Team is a competitive shotgun shooting team for both men and women. The club begins in early fall and shoots continuously all year, shooting against many other colleges throughout the Midwest. This club provides students with an opportunity to engage in various shotgun shooting events while at the same time learning how to properly handle a firearm. Currently there are approximately 20 active competitors on the team, ranging from all sorts of skill levels. In April the team participates in the ACUI National competition that is usually held in San Antonio, Texas. CSU consistently ranks in the top 10 nationally in several areas of competition.

As a sport club, the team receives a limited annual budget from student fee allocations and generates most of their operating budget from dues and other fundraising activities. Competitions usually range from shooting 400-800 targets over the course of a weekend. To prepare for these events, members usually practice at Great Guns Sporting in their free time, usually on the weekends. Collegiate shooting represents a small community of students gathering together to share a common interest. Through participating in this club you will make many friends while keeping a competitive edge out on the course.”