Get Your Bike Fixed at The Spoke!

Trigg Skoe

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The Spoke:


Do you need your bike fixed? Is it making weird grinding noises? Or are the tires flat? The Spoke is a great way to get your bike fixed for only the cost of parts, labor is never included. The Spoke not only fixes your bike, but they teach you along the way. It is a great way to learn about your bike and how to repair it. The Spoke has ten highly knowledgeable mechanics ready to assist you in any repairs, look for them on their mobile bike shop pulled by a fat tire bike during nice weather! The Spoke is located at 920 W Plum St and open from 11am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Quick Tips From The Spoke
1. Make sure your tire pressure is correct (check pressure rating)
2. Check connections and Quick Locks (ABC Quick check)
A- air
B- brakes
C- chain/crank
Quick- wheels/seat

Ed one of the Mechanic’s: 

To these mechanic’s and cyclers on campus positions like Ed’s are the holy grail of campus jobs. For two years Ed has been a mechanic at The Spoke and has loved every minute. From the age of six he was riding his bike all over his suburb near Chicago. He later became more and more intrigued in road biking, searching for speed by propelling himself down steep roadways. Ed came to Colorado State University three years ago to study civil engineering in pursuit of working in the hydro energy industry. The end of this year marks his second year racing with the CSU Cycling Club. Ed’s favorite local riding spots are Rist Canyon and Blue Sky Trail.