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As Told by Tam: What to do in your spare time at CSU

Tamra Smalewitz January 27, 2017

While attending CSU, I have had huge amounts of coursework leaving me with no free time to do anything but complete my assignments. Sometimes though, I end up with some spare time and I find myself bored...

A bridge extending out over McKay Lake in Broomfield, Colorado offers a contrast to the flurries of snow beginning to fall.

As Told by Tam: What to do over Winter Break

Tamra Smalewitz December 17, 2016

Finally, the fall semester is over and it is time for Winter Break, which means we have one month off. A month off can seem daunting to some people, while others cannot wait for its arrival. There is...

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As Told by Tam: How to make your money go further

Tamra Smalewitz October 31, 2016

Saving money while being in college is not the easiest task. Something always comes up, friends want to go to dinner, night out at the bars, or time for some new winter clothing. It is hard to keep money...

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As Told By Tam: Outrageous cell phone prices

Tamra Smalewitz October 23, 2016

Is anyone else sick of paying over $600 for a phone? A phone that tends to break down after two years of usage, sometimes more, if you are lucky. I am sick and tired of paying an insane amount of money...

Brother Matt preaches in front of Morgan library, Thursday, Aug. 28 as a small crowd gathers around him to join the debate on God.

As Told by Tam: Campus Protestors

Tamra Smalewitz October 16, 2016

What is worse than the upcoming election and the "Are you registered to vote" people? The protestors on campus. Every single day I walk on campus, I notice a protestor yelling something out to the crowd...

As Told by Tam: Why I am tired of millennials being blamed

As Told by Tam: Why I am tired of millennials being blamed

Tamra Smalewitz October 11, 2016

Embed from Getty Images   We have all heard the stereotypes revolving around "millennials". narrowed down the stereotypes to their own "top five". According to the website, millennials...

As Told By Tam: Hooked vs. Pocket Points

As Told By Tam: Hooked vs. Pocket Points

Tamra Smalewitz October 5, 2016

Food is one of the most important things to a college student, but it is not cheap. As a college student, I try to buy the cheapest food in the market as to save money. Being in college also comes technology...

Freshman Civil Engineering student Schuyler Pagenstecher, middle, points to people in the crowd as he prepares to dance for his fraternity at the Stroll on the Plaza. The Stroll is an annual dance competition for CSU Greek Life.

As Told by Tam: Why it is okay to go Greek

Tamra Smalewitz September 23, 2016

We have all seen the movies and TV shows revolving around Greek life. There is the movie "Sydney White", where the sorority is shown telling women what they need to change about their appearance or body...

De-stress with dogs was an event brought by RamEvents with the aim of providing students the opportunity of having fun and loosing up with excited - and very cute - dogs.

As Told by Tam: Having a dog in college

Tamra Smalewitz September 9, 2016

I am the first person to admit that I would love to have a dog in college. Who wouldn't? Dogs seem to know when you are upset and need some cuddling, and they always want to play with you. I've grown...

Students can seek help with registration questions and concerns in the Registrars Office, located in Centennial Hall. (Photo credit: Sady Swanson)

As Told by Tam: the ins and outs of registration

Tamra Smalewitz April 27, 2016

April tends to be a busy month, whether it be making it through to graduation, trying to make it another semester or registering. There is never a dull moment.April is the month that we here at Colorado...

Smalewitz: Ending religious stereotypes — our differences should unite, not divide

Tamra Smalewitz April 20, 2016

Growing up in Orange County, California I was exposed to various diversity's and different religions. I had friends of every religion you can think of and friends who did not believe in any religion. I...

CSU President Tony Frank at graduation. (Collegian File Photo. )

As Told by Tam: five ways to beat senioritis

Tamra Smalewitz March 30, 2016

It's that time of year again — it's after spring break, we are all close to the summer and you are thinking, "I cannot do this any more, nor do I want to do this any more." Sounds familiar, right? Well,...

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