As Told By Tam: Hooked vs. Pocket Points

Tamra Smalewitz

Hooked (Photo courtesy of Google Play Store)
Hooked (Photo courtesy of Google Play Store)

Food is one of the most important things to a college student, but it is not cheap. As a college student, I try to buy the cheapest food in the market as to save money. Being in college also comes technology with and a variety of different apps at our disposal. The emergence of food apps have changed Colorado State University for the better.

Two apps have proven to be the most influential on campus, Hooked and Pocket Points. These two apps both offer a variety of different food deals for students.


Hooked allows students to get various food deals throughout the day. Hooked will offer free food from participating restaurants every once in a while and the free food is the best deal of all. Last year, Hooked teamed up with Qdoba and offered a free breakfast burrito between 8am – 10am.* The line forming in Qdoba for the Hooked deal was long, which was a good deal for students and great business for the restaurant. I also know that whenever I look on Hooked, they will have a good deal going on for me to snatch up. Cosmos is frequently on Hooked, and the Rec Room is starting to have alcohol deals for students on certain nights of the week.

Another great deal on Hooked is their many buy one, get one free deals. When they have a buy one, get one free, I split whatever the offer is with a friend, which makes the food cheaper and we can each get our own item. Tropical Smoothie in Old Town offers a buy one get, one free smoothie deal quite often. I only have to pay around $2.50 when I split the deal with a friend and we each get our own smoothie.

The best part about Hooked is that you do not have to do anything except download the app to receive the deals. More and more restaurants are adding to Hooked’s various list of deals and I could not be happier.

The only catch is the time limit. Hooked deals expire within a certain amount of time. I have been in class when the food deals are going and I was not able to participate since it expired when I got out.

Pocket Points (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia)
Pocket Points (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

Pocket Points is fairly new to campus since it recently launched. Pocket Points works differently; to get free food or discounts on Pocket Points students must turn the app on in class and then lock their phones. By locking their phones during class they will receive points to put towards discounts or free food at local restaurants.

The nice thing is that students will get 15 points automatically to put toward discounts or free food. Pocket Points has different restaurant options then Hooked does, which offers a nice balance between the two apps. I like Pocket Points because it gets students off their phones in class and listening to the teacher they are paying good money to listen to while earning some good money back.

The downside to Pocket Points is that you have to have your phone off in class to collect points to put towards free food. The only way to earn points without locking your phone during class is to download the app for the 15 points, which turns student’s off. Many students do not want to lock their phone during class or kill their battery faster.

Both apps are great options for college students to get to save money on food. I recommend getting both and using them for different restaurants around town. You cannot go wrong either way.

Collegian writer Tamra Smalewitx can be reached at or on Twitter at @tamrasmalewitz.

*Qdoba no longer has deals on Hooked