Henry: This year’s selection of political ads are wild, wacky, weird


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Brendan Henry, Collegian Columnist

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The season of political ads is upon us with the midterm elections in November. This brings back the era of televised insanity from politicians and their teams. Whatever goes through their minds when they storyboard these crazy ideas is truly enigmatic. 


An advertisement put out by Alex Walker, former Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, portrays a literal fecal storm raining down upon Colorado citizens as a result of Lauren Boebert’s policies. It certainly catches the eye, triggers the gag reflex and overachieves the point it is trying to make with a not-safe-for-life cinematographic depiction that rivals “Sharknado” in quality. 

American political parties may be very divided, but both major parties share a passion for being as wacky as possible to catch the eye of the voter. 

Jim Lamon, former Republican candidate for a Senate seat representing Arizona, thought it would be a good idea to stage a Wild West-themed shootout with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Mark Kelly lookalikes and air it during this past Super Bowl.

There truly is nothing like pretending to fire projectiles at current sitting members of the government with a film crew present to capture it in all of its glory. Lamon more than likely gained a lot of fame and praise from the ad nonetheless, but not enough to win the 2022 Republican primary. 

“Some might say political ads are getting too insane, but honestly, it is a treat. The unique efforts put into these ads is more creative than most commercials that hit the screen today.”

Idaho is apparently experiencing an uptick in “woke” cultists as addressed in an ad by Ammon Bundy, an independent running for governor of the state. His heroic actions were filmed and published for the world to make fun of as he exterminated a “woke cult” camp by awkwardly waving his cowboy hat over their fire as they were burning the Constitution and the American flag.

Apparently, the woke individuals in this country cannot handle a boot-wearin’, truck-drivin’, hat-flingin’, fire-put-outin’ American patriot. 

It is safe to assume that social progressivism is not on Bundy’s political agenda. 

Katie Darling, a Democrat running to represent Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District, ran an ad showing her actually giving birth to her child to express how women should be able to choose what they want to do with an unplanned or medically compromised pregnancy. She went the extra mile to express an abortion-rights sentiment that will no doubt stick in the minds of those who viewed it.

Some might say political ads are getting too insane, but honestly, it is a treat. The unique efforts put into these ads is more creative than most commercials that hit the screen today. Obviously, nobody should be firing rounds at political entities or going in lone-wolf style to take down a cult, but most people understand that and, regardless of the message the politician is trying to send, it is super entertaining. 


Take off your political blinders for a minute, enjoy the ads and take your vote to the polls in November. Be sure to watch out for Lamon’s imaginary stray bullets and Boebert’s apparent raining poop on your way there.

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