University works to solidify future plans

Laura Studley

Colorado State University is currently working on plans for the fall semester. 

An email sent by President Joyce McConnell on April 29 outlines the plan moving forward. The president intends for classes to be in person for the fall; however, this isn’t guaranteed.


“We must engage in scenario planning for recovery and reopening to respond to any contingency,” according to the email. “Second, we must complete budget planning taking into consideration multiple scenarios, revenue forecasts from all sources and expenditure reductions.” 

McConnell highlighted three scenarios moving forward. Best-case, CSU will be working to reopen campus over the summer, with classes being on campus in the fall. 

The middle-case scenario would have on-campus operations beginning later in the semester. The worst-case scenario would have the fall semester restricted to online delivery. 

These scenarios help account for the possibility of another peak in the virus.

CSU is in phase three of the recovery planning process, which accounts for May 2020 through Jan. 2021. McConnell is deploying two teams to help plan for the future. 

“Each working group will examine their priority through three lenses: operations (effects on how we work); finance (effects on our budget); and mission (effects on how we achieve our goals). The working groups will solicit feedback and insights from University stakeholders and will specify potential strategies, choices, and impacts,” according to the email. 

There will be a Board of Governors meeting held June 3-5 to approve the plan going forward.

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