New Old Town restaurant and nightclub to open soon

Greta Nelson-Bechtold

Get your taste buds ready for a fresh new taste coming to Old Town this spring. Rove, a restaurant, and Element, a nightclub, are moving into the space once occupied by Mainline Ale House in Old Town.

Executive Chef Sean Scott, coming to town from the Culinary Institute of America, fell in love with Fort Collins’ surrounding mountains and the promise provided by the vacant College Avenue location. He sees the empty space as an opportunity to open a flavorful new spot. Scott hopes to bring a sense of community and family to the ones around him through food. 


“Food, to me, was something that was inspirational for fun and enjoyment and just made people smile,” Scott said. “I’ve always enjoyed watching people smile.”

The lower portion of the building is being converted into the restaurant Rove. With an inviting and stress-free atmosphere, Rove is for relaxation and an opportunity to forget about your worries while enjoying a delicious meal. 

Implementing a sense of adventure into their dishes, Scott and his team are bringing their journeys across the globe to the table. They’re putting their own spin on classic dishes like French onion soup and rotisserie chicken, bringing in different cultural techniques to give Fort Collins a new taste.  

“We’re just really trying to let our creativity come through our adventures,” Scott said.

You also won’t break your bank at Rove, which will provide the quality of an upscale dining experience without a price tag over $100 for a two or three course dinner with a cocktail.

The Rove team’s mission is to make sure that their doors are open to everyone. People of all ages, diet restrictions and budgets can find their next favorite meal at Rove. 

“You’re always welcome with us,” Scott said. “We want college kids to feel just as welcome as a family of four or grandma and grandpa or the in-laws. Everybody is welcome here; everybody can come here. There’s always something for you.”

The upper portion is going to be Element, the nightclub. With specialty nightclub services, Element wants to bring the big city club feel to Fort Collins.

Element and Rove will be present at a job fair at Odell Brewing on March 9-10. More information on Element and Rove Can be found on their Instagrams. 

According to Claire Erickson, the social media assistant for both businesses, Element and Rove will bring new energy, hospitality and community to town. 

“Because of their unique designs and perks, like the VIP booths, bottle service and the overall mentality of the owners, Rove and Element will be set apart from anything else in town,” Erickson said.


While still providing the exciting nightclub experience, Scott is hoping Element will be a safe space. Patrons can let go of their day-to-day worries and have fun with their friends, whether that is on the dance floor or in a VIP booth. 

Element will also include an outside patio, allowing patrons to stroll into the night air. 

“There’s still music out there, there’s still lights out there and there’s still fun out there,” Scott said. “You can see downtown, you can see the sky and you can get some fresh air.”

As of right now, Element will be a 21+ establishment, but the Element team is striving to create events open to 18+ participants. 

According to Kyle Jongerden, the general manager at Element and Rove, the establishments allowed him to pour his creativity into the vision he had since he was washing dishes at 15 years old. Along with Scott, Jongerden believes there is a strong sense of community and acceptance. 

“We are really excited to bring this new space to life and give everyone in the community a place that can, hopefully, be their home away from home,” Jongerden said.

Greta Nelson-Bechtold can be reached at or on Twitter @gretanelsonb.