Green Report: 5 ways to celebrate 4/20 at home

The hailed holiday the world knows as 4/20, which just so magically happens to fall on April 20, is soon upon us. There’s tons of different events and concerts coming up for it including the 420 Bazaar from World Cannabis Week, the 420 Rally at Civic Center Park and countless others. As exciting as all this is, some of us didn’t get tickets to concerts, or maybe none of that is really your type of scene, who knows? There’s always great ways to celebrate 4/20 at home, away from the public. Here’s a few ideas on how you can:

1. Stoner Olympics


These five rings won’t last long, since they’re made of smoke, but it can promise to be a lot of fun with your legal friends. You can make up the rules and events for whatever suits your situation the best. Who can roll the best or fastest joint or blunt? Who makes the best edibles? Who can take the biggest hit or dab? Who can do the best smoke trick? Who can make the best homemade bong? Or water pipe… Sorry head-shops everywhere.

Smoke Rings Photo credit: Dylan Simonson

2. Stoner Movies

Another classic stay-at-home-celebration for 4/20 is to kick back and watch some great (or incredibly cheesy) stoner movies. Make some popcorn, maybe with some Cheetos, peanuts, M&Ms, marshmallows… Sorry, munchies. A fun game to play while watching these movies is to smoke every time they do in the movie. Some of the great movies include any of the “Cheech and Chong” movies, the “Harold and Kumar” movies, “Grandma’s Boy,” “Clerks,” “Half Baked,” “How High,” “Friday” and “Dazed and Confused.” Just to name a few.

reefer madness.jpg
Photo courtesy of: Flickr
Poster for the movie "Reefer Madness" Photo credit:

3. Medicate EVERYTHING

Appetizers, dinner, snacks, dessert, everything medicated. A personal favorite, you can infuse all your dishes you eat that day. The link provides some extreme higher-end examples but you get the idea. Make medicated Chex Mix for everyone to snack on all day, some medicated cheese dip for an appetizer, medicated chicken Parmesan for dinner, and what’s a medicated meal without some pot brownies? Or maybe you could get even more creative and make an infused apple pie? The possibilities are endless! Just get some canna-oil and get started!

chicken parm.jpg
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Chicken Parmesan Photo credit:

4. Tie-Dye Party

Get some friends together and do it like the hippies did in the Summer of Love. Dye white clothes crazy colors and patterns. What were you thinking? Any white clothes made from natural fibers would work. This means hemp (woo-hoo!), silk, linen, cotton, wool and rayon are all fine and dandy. However, nylon, spandex and polyester won’t normally hold dye. You can use clothes that have a small percentage of these synthetic fibers, but anything over 10 percent isn’t recommended. The better the dye the more vibrant and long lasting too! This means not getting that tie-dye kit from the local craft store (sorry everybody.)

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5. Try Something New

Just use marijuana in a way you haven’t before, some way that’s unique to you. Make a gravity bong or a watermelon bong. Roll a foot long joint or a braided joint. Use a banana as a pipe. Find something in your house that you’ve always thought might make a cool bong and turn it into one. Maybe you haven’t used a vaporizer or taken a dab. Get a new piece and safe its first use for 4/20. The possibilities here are only limited by how hard you can Macgyver.

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So hopefully this has given you some ideas for what you can do on 4/20, if you didn’t have an idea before. Just make sure to stay safe, and stay legal!


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