Sammy Adams performs concert appealing to the college experience at Aggie Theatre

Adelayde Dahlin

The hip hop artist we all remember from our early high school days still knows how to party. Sammy Adams and The Senioritis Tour stopped in at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins Saturday night, putting on quite a show.

Sammy Adams performs at Aggie Theatre on Feb. 18. Photo credit: Adelayde Dahlin



The concert featured openers Simply T, Tristan Moore and TYJA3. They are all Colorado hip hop artists and Moore is a Fort Collins local.

Each opener brought the energy and hyped up the crowd. It was evident that a large portion of the crowd was there to see the openers, hugging them once they came off stage. Supporting local artists creates a community within itself and you could feel this at the show.

Next, Cris Crab, a singer who is originally from Miami, Florida, really lit up the crowd. The audience knew his music and sang it back to him. He is best known for the song “Liar Liar,” featuring Pharrell Williams. He got the audience moving and singing to the beat and the crowd went crazy for his song “Rihanna’s Gun.” His band seemed to really be enjoying themselves as well. On a few different occasions throughout his set he brought out his saxophone player who made the crowd go crazy.

After Cris Cab it was up to Braun Dapper to keep to audience going. He played a few different mixes of popular party songs and the crowd was completely into it. From DJ Khaled to Rihanna, the hype just kept going up from there. He brought out a ton of energy just like the other openers, running across stage, spinning around and jumping. He kept going back and forth from the front of the stage to his DJ booth. He introduced Adams and stayed on stage throughout his whole set, handling the music.

When it was time for Adams to come out the lights dimmed to an almost pitch black and you could feel the anticipation in the crowd. This Boston hip hop artist did not disappoint. He ran at the crowd with so much power and excitement it was overwhelming. The crowd knew every single lyric and their enthusiasm did not die down until the concert was completely over.

His most popular songs for the audience were by far his older hits like “I Hate College,”a remix of Asher Roth’s hit “I Love College,” “L.A. Story” and “All Night Longer.” The one that really stood out though was “I Hate College,” likely because the crowd at the Aggie theatre was almost entirely made up of college students who could identify with the lyrics. One of the lines of the song is “I hate college, but love all the parties,” and it is pretty obvious the crowd felt the same way.

Appealing to college students seems to be the focus of The Senioritis Tour. It is focused around college towns and he has even played special shows at fraternities.

Adams knows his audience and they know him. The next time he is at the Aggie Theatre, I highly recommend you see him. He brings it.