Fort Collins Museum of Art hosts valentines benefit for Northern Colorado AIDS Project

The Fort Collins Museum of Art hosted a Valentine’s Day Benefit for the Northern Colorado AIDS Project in coordination with the exhibit “Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate” on Feb. 17 that featured live music and a silent auction.

NCAP was founded in 1986 to help support those recently infected with HIV and to prevent the growing epidemic from spreading any further. The NCAP provides a wide range of services to those living with HIV/AIDS such access to medications, in-house mental health counseling, housing and insurance assistance, dental services and nutritional resources. The NCAP recognizes that each client requires personalized care and case managers are there to help create a plan to determine what needs should be met, according to Cranston.


“We were looking for an event that fit well with our message of transforming hate and combating stereotypes,” said Rebecca Cranston, director of regional programs for the Northern Colorado AIDS Project.

Cranston, along with 12 other volunteers and staff of the NCAP were seen at the exhibit wearing the red ribbon on their chest, symbolizing the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Aside from providing services, NCAP also educates the public on the HIV infection, gives rapid HIV and Hepatitis C antibody testing and provides prevention services to anyone seeking these services.

According to Cranston, the organization not only wants to help people both emotionally and socially in coping with their disease but also make appropriate health care available to anyone regardless of age, sex, religion or race.

According to Cranston, through participating in events such as “Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate,” the NCAP spreads awareness of the organization because of all the positive attributes it brings. Their mission is to stop the spread of HIV through advocacy and providing prevention services to anyone who needs it.

The fundraiser at the Fort Collins Museum of Art and other events like this helps fund the NCAP and provides the services necessary to keep the project running successfully. The event Friday night included a live jazz band and a silent auction, where all proceeds went toward the project.