Friday Night Lights pep rally attendees explain why they support the Rams

The bonfire on the west lawn Friday was erupting with school spirit. It started with performances by the marching band and cheerleaders to pump up all of the students, alumni and parents. It included a speech from CSU athletics to get us excited for Saturday’s football game as well as the upcoming basketball season here at CSU. This led to the lighting of the bonfire where you could feel the warmth from far away. And, it all ended with huge fireworks lighting up the night sky and the lighting of the A. It was an amazing way to jump start homecoming weekend.

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The bonfire catches huge flames to start homecoming weekend. Photo credit: Maddie Wright

The great thing about CSU is how we all have different stories, come from different backgrounds and have different opinions. The thing that brings us together is that we are all here to support the Rams. So, that asks the question; why do you support the rams? Here’s what bonfire goers had to say:


“I feel the word ‘ramily’ really sums it up well,” said third year student Sarah Wilson. “Everyone is understanding and a community.”

“The community is lit,” said first year Bronson Torres. “Just like this bonfire.”

“Because they’re my team,” said fourth year student Lexi Baca. “They’re my school. Plus, I love the energy at the games.”

“Oh, that’s easy; we’re parents of a football player here,” said CSU parent Renee Hunt. “He’s not even [at the bonfire.] We’re not alumni, but we’re in the alumni association and participate in it.”

CSU athletics giving a speech to the bonfire audience Photo credit: Maddie Wright

“Because I’m a part of the “ramily,” said second year student Mikaela Elder. “I have school spirit, how about you. Also, I love Cam the Ram. I want it on the record that I love Cam.”

“I love the school,” said alumni Jim Parker. “It’s a great little town to live in.”

“We love the campus,” said CSU parent Drew Hunt. “I’d have come here if I would have known about it.”

“I went to Boulder for a year and this is so much better,” said third year student Kyle Grand.

CSU is one big happy ramily. We all support each other and love our school. Go rams!