CSU Bookstore hosts Halloween costume contest, winners to be determined on Facebook

Alaysha Powell

It seems like we were just celebrating the beginning of October a few days ago, yet here we are already saying goodbye to Halloween and getting ready to welcome Thanksgiving. Halloween is the last day of the month, and the CSU Bookstore has decided to celebrate the holiday by going out with a bang.

From 7:45 a.m to 4 p.m. Monday, students showed up to the upper level of the bookstore and entered themselves into a Halloween costume contest. It certainly was a sight to see students dressed up as the Riddler from Batman to Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings.


Costume Contest (3).jpg
Bowl of Fruity Pebbles Photo credit: Brooke Buchan

“There was a bowl of fruity pebbles, a laundry basket,” said Esther Kemp, an administrative assistant for CSU. “There’s just been a lot of creative and interesting costumes.”

When you think of a costume contest, you probably picture a room full of people fully dressed up in their characters having a great time until the winner is called. However, this contest was set up a little bit differently.

Because students have classes and work throughout the dat, the bookstore held the contest all day to give students the chance to stop by. While things started off slow, Kemp said she tried to get as many students involved as possible, and they eventually had over 25 people show up.

Costume Contest .jpg
The Riddler Photo credit: Brooke Buchan

Students really got the chance to show off their creativity, despite being on a college budget. One popular costume was a CSU Ram where students would show up in the University’s colors to strike a pose for the camera.

It did not matter if students showed up as something elaborate like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles or as CSU Ram, the contest was meant for everyone to have fun.

“Everybody likes to dress up for Halloween,” Kemp said. “It’s fun they enjoy being creative and winning. I think people enjoy being able to dress up and being different, and it’s enjoyable.”

Costume Contest (4).jpg
Skeleton Photo credit: Brooke Buchan

The bookstore took pictures of contestants throughout the day, and they will post them on their Facebook page. In order for contestants to win, people must go onto the page and like the picture of the costume that they think is best. After a few days have passed, first place will be awarded to the scariest, funniest and most creative costumes of the day. The bookstore will then announce the winners and contact them to give them their prize.

If there is a costume that you’d like to see win or if you’re curious about what other characters contestants came as, just check out the CSU Bookstore’s Facebook page. To vote, just like the picture and wait to see if others agreed with your choice.