Aurora city officials predict marijuana tax revenues twice as high in 2016

Capelli D'Angelo

Seal of the City of Aurora, Colorado
Seal of the City of Aurora, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since legalization, Colorado city officials have been busy deciding what to do with more tax revenue than usual.

In 2014 Aurora raised $2.65 million in marijuana tax dollars, according to the Cannabist. With new dispensaries slated to open in 2016, city officials expect these numbers to double next year.


The City Council has started planning what to do with the additional money. Roughly $680,000 will go to city nonprofits. These are currently being funded by the red-light cameras at various stoplights in Aurora. About $2 million will be put towards issuing bonds for a new recreation center.

“We wanted to be able to show citizens that we are having a positive impact on the community and point to specific projects or initiatives to where that money is going to,” said Bob Roth, Aurora City Councilman.

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