35 Costumes Guaranteed to Win Halloween

(photo credit: getty images)

As Halloween is right around the corner, it’s time to get super serious about what you’re going to wear.  Luckily, Buzzfeed has provided us with a ton of great costumes guaranteed to win this holiday.

  1. Waiting for a text t-shirt
  2. Regina George
  3. Fantasy football wizard
  4. Cone of shame cat
  5. Add a vet to the kitty for couples events
  6. Jimi Hendrix
  7. “Nightmare dressed like a daydream”
  8. Starbucks lover
  9. A burrito
  10. … Guac is extra
  11. Tamagotchi
  12. Netflix and chill
  13. Kristy from babysitters club
  14. TLC
  15. Miss Behavior and Miss Demeanor
  16. … And Miss Andry
  17. Pluto
  18. The sex bases
  19. Cookie Lyon from empire
  20. Or Lucious Lyon

For the final 15 costumes, click here.