Rachel Rasmussen

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Living in Colorado during its winter months means getting the opportunity to try a variety of different winter sports and activities. One that may not be as well known as skiing and snowboarding, but can provide just as much fun, is snowshoeing.


Snowshoeing is the kind of activity that anyone can do since it is relatively cheap and a less intense form of exercise. For those who enjoy hiking and running, this is also a great way to extend what you love to the winter season.

If the cost of lift tickets as ski resorts and gear for skiing and snowboarding makes you hesitate to participate in winter activities, then you may be happy to hear that snowshoeing is relatively inexpensive. The only gear you really need includes snowshoes that fit you, boots that are warm and waterproof, layers built for the cold and snow, and poles that have snow baskets (although these are optional).

There are plenty of places around Colorado that are perfect for snowshoeing. But it is a good idea to sign up for tours or classes before you go out exploring. Depending on the class, you will most likely learn snowshoeing techniques as well as avalanche and backcountry safety and preparedness.