Frame by Frame: Restaurant life during COVID-19

Luke Bourland

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Throughout Fort Collins and the world, many businesses have felt the brunt of COVID-19. One of those restaurants is Yum Yum Social Club and another is Avogadro’s Number.


Yum Yum Social Club, a Lebanese-style restaurant located in Fort Collins, plans to have a grand reopening after facing difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Denise Hakim, the owner, has felt the struggle of operating a business during the lockdown.

“This is a social club,” she said. “I would like to see everyone socializing and having a good time, but because of guidelines, I can’t do that.”

Because of COVID-19, local restaurant Avogadro’s Number had to temporarily close their bar area. Before the pandemic, the restaurant was a gathering place for people to listen to live music. 

Denise Hakim prepping food
Denise Hakim, the owner of YumYum Social Club, garnishes a gyro while listening to her customers talk about their day March 4. (Tri Duong | The Collegian)

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