Florida takes another step in the direction of legalization

Capelli D'Angelo

Topographic map of the State of Florida, USA (...
Topographic map of the State of Florida, USA (2000 Census). Note: the background map is a raster image embedded in the SVG file. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Florida state officials are battling legal case after case, pushing for full legalization of medical marijuana. According to Fox News, the state will move forward in time to meet next month’s dispensary opening day deadline, Feb. 7.

In 2014, voters passed a measure to legalize the production, cultivation, and sale of marijuana with a low percentage of THC. The bill was designed to give patients with severe muscle spasms or cancer an alternative form of treatment.


The state has faced many setbacks, moving the legalization timeline farther and farther back. There have been so many legal challenges that Rob Bradley, Senate Regulated Industries Chairman, thinks there is a need for an entirely different procedural system to handle them all in a timely manor.

“This has gone on too long,” Bradley said. He claims to be, “interested in creating an alternative administrative procedural system to deal with challenges.”

Of the 13 cases made against the state, none have suggested that dispensaries hold off on opening Feb. 7, so health officials will proceed in full force to have everything in order for dispensaries to open according to the current schedule.

This is more than a year after the initial timeline suggested the crop would be legalized for medical purposes. To read more about the challenges Florida is facing in its battle for legalization, see the full story.