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Photo by Troy Wilkinson

Go Outdoors: Snow day 2, the sequel

Troy Wilkinson March 23, 2016

A once-in-a-lifetime second snow day has happened at Colorado State University and it has left me, and what seems most other students, in a state of ambiguity and glee as people figure out how to best...

The Milky Way over Longs Peak (Photo: Wikimedia commons)

Go Outdoors: Letting go of Long’s Peak

Troy Wilkinson March 11, 2016

I had never climbed a 14er before. I originally come from California; sea level and as much oxygen as you can get. There’s an allure to the high altitudes, the more turbulent conditions, the greater...

Go Outdoors: Top 4 nature and adventure articles

Go Outdoors: Top 4 nature and adventure articles

Troy Wilkinson March 1, 2016

This is The Current, a list of articles from across the world of outdoors writing.There's a tremendous amount of thought-provoking, eye-catching, well-written content out there. Every two weeks, another...

Go Outdoors: Grand Teton National Park

Troy Wilkinson February 25, 2016

Looking out across the glass water of Jackson Lake, the Grand Teton juts from the Earth and dominates the other half of the lake.There are several lakes surrounding the central mountain range that is the...

Man sits atop Duncans Ridge overlooking Hoorsetooth Reservoir. (The Collegian file photo)

Go Outdoors: Orchard Cove is a hidden gem in Lory State Park

Troy Wilkinson February 25, 2016

On your way to Arthur’s Rock, it’s easy to tunnel vision on all of the destinations, losing focus of possible areas of interest that border the road. That’s almost what happened to me, if not for...

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.)

Go Outdoors: Getting a John Muir Trail permit

Troy Wilkinson February 23, 2016

How the hell do I get a permit for the world-renown John Muir Trail?That’s one of the questions I asked over and over again while I feverishly Googled what the process is like. For someone like myself,...

Outdoors: View From A Blue Moon is surfing on a dream

Outdoors: “View From A Blue Moon” is surfing on a dream

Troy Wilkinson February 9, 2016

‘Living the dream’ is an idiom far too overused to have any real meaning anymore, but after watching “View From A Blue Moon,” I got a real sense of what ‘living the dream’ looks like.John Florence...

Syria deserves our action and attention

Syria deserves our action and attention

Troy Wilkinson November 13, 2015

Disaster is afoot, and it seems as if almost nobody in America cares. For those who don’t know, Syria is engulfed in violence and war between several different factions, which include the original Syrian...

Troy Wilkinson

Politicians aren’t serious about politics

Troy Wilkinson November 1, 2015

This political system is becoming increasingly nonsensical. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, that kid who went by Deez Nutz and Kanye West are all prime examples of how ridiculous politics have become. In the...

Troy Wilkinson

Restrict guns, save lives

Troy Wilkinson October 16, 2015

Civilian shootings have been popping up more and more in the media. There were the larger shootings where more than several individuals were fatally shot, like the Tennessee shooting at a military base...

Troy Wilkinson

Our generation is vital to saving the world

Troy Wilkinson October 8, 2015

What does it mean to be tasked with saving the world? It’s probably the largest burden you could possibly be given. Usually saving the world is reserved for superheroes or zombie movies -- it’s such...

Troy Wilkinson

Normalization of hazing is unacceptable

Troy Wilkinson October 1, 2015

It’s national Hazing Prevention Week, so it’s prime time to bring up the problem of hazing once again. Hazing has been normalized by our society, treating it as weird and funny more than what it should...

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