Go Outdoors: Top 4 nature and adventure articles

Troy Wilkinson

This is The Current, a list of articles from across the world of outdoors writing.

There’s a tremendous amount of thought-provoking, eye-catching, well-written content out there. Every two weeks, another post of this series will have more content, mostly new, some older, all interesting.


The Current

“An Island Only Helicopters Can Reach”

Riviere Langevin in La Reunion. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.)
Riviere Langevin in La Reunion. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.)

For the hidden wonder seekers, the explorers of the world, the island of La Reunion is one that surely makes many of their bucket lists. In this piece BBC Travel covered the island, it’s nature, wildlife, history and human inhabitants. As the article describes it’s the an island that time forgot and after reading it’s likely to be in the dreams of travelers for a long time.

“The Massive Land Deal That Could Change the West Forever”

For an in-depth look at an land conservation efforts and a rare case of political compromise taking place, this Outside Magazine long-form article is perfect. It’s about a politician’s efforts to open land for development and usage, while also protecting a possible Vermont-sized mass of land at the same time. If you like articles heavy with text and detail, check this one out.

“Even This Incredibly Elusive Bird Isn’t Safe from Traffickers”

The Pitta bird. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

Elusive species excite my inner explorer. They not only live in places I long to travel to, but they provide a hidden treasure that, with a great bit of luck, I could possibly stumble across during my journeys. This National Geographic article details the rare Pitta bird that resides in southeast asia. It’s colorful appearance and overall cuteness makes it a beautiful bird that makes seeing it worthwhile.

“This Sherpa Woman Is Our Adventurer of the Year”

National Geographic earlier this month published their adventurer of the year. The winner is a Sherpa named Pasang Lhamu. They interview her and what inspired her to be a professional mountaineer, among other interesting topics that deal with her wide range of experiences in Nepal. It’s a look into the life of a true explorer, a conqueror of the highest mountains and a philanthropist.

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