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Lessons from our mothers

Lessons from our mothers

Kathleen Keaveny May 9, 2015

    Mother's Day: the day we spend at brunches or tea time, celebrating our mothers and all they do for us, a day set aside for appreciation and, typically, a day off. Our mothers...

Newfound hometown appreciation

Newfound hometown appreciation

Kathleen Keaveny April 27, 2015

    Coming from Kansas City, Fort Collins and Colorado State University were a refreshing change from the comfortable, Midwestern town where I spent my first 18 years. As my high school...

Latin American films to watch

Latin American films to watch

Kathleen Keaveny April 20, 2015

    When it comes to foreign films, most people picture smokey rooms, instrumental music and a beautiful French woman struggling with some inner-emotional turmoil in a black and white...

Fort Collins resident Todd Smith pays the bill for his coffee with the remaining money from working Tuesday. Smith paints for a friend locally making just enough to by before his next shift.

Odd jobs and fast cash

Kathleen Keaveny April 10, 2015

    As college students, our wallets are, more often than not, thin and sparse. For full-time or graduate students, it is difficult to work a job when there are endless amounts of...

CSU Health Networks medical clinic, with its seven board-certified physicians and six nurse practitioners, offers a plethora of services including screening tests, wellness counseling and STI evaluation and treatment. (Collegian File Photo)

Responsibility and pride of your sexual health

Kathleen Keaveny April 2, 2015

With a runny nose, cough, sore throat or fever, it is common to schedule an appointment with a doctor for a few answers and a fix. People attend annual check-up appointments in order to know they are...

Doves + Twitter campaign #SpeakBeautiful

Dove’s + Twitter campaign #SpeakBeautiful

Kathleen Keaveny March 13, 2015

    Dove has teamed up with Twitter in a partnership for social change in attempt to reduce body image negativity on social media. Last year, nearly 5 million tweets were sent out containing...

Study ABroad peer advisor, Lauren Gannon, speaks with Lindsey Tayor about what she may encounter when studying abroad in Australia.

Volunteer abroad instead of studying abroad

Kathleen Keaveny March 10, 2015

    Studying abroad as a college student has been becoming more popular and available. Students take wine tasting classes in Florence, art history in Prague and Spanish language in...

Career center in the basement of the Lory Student Center. Photo by Kathleen Keaveny

Career fears: Preparing for a successful future

Kathleen Keaveny March 2, 2015

    I was prepared. I had copies of my newly edited résumé, I had practiced a 30-second explanation of my experience and I was dressed to impress. As I meandered into last week’s...

Lessons learned from Living on One Dollar documentary

Lessons learned from “Living on One Dollar” documentary

Kathleen Keaveny February 24, 2015

    Two international development and economics students, two filmmakers and two months in a Guatemalan village whose inhabitants live below the poverty line. Less than one dollar...

New Belgium set up an arena for excited Tour de Fat participants to zip around on quirky and fun bikes during the Tour de Fat Festival August 2013.  (Collegian File Photo)

What to do in Fort Collins if you are under 21

Kathleen Keaveny February 13, 2015

    Fort Collins, Colorado; the land of microbreweries and bars. A place of total bliss for craft beer connoisseurs and 21-year-olds. In this town centered around a culture of microbrew-guzzling...

The MAX bus stations are popping up all along Mason Street thoughout Fort Collins. The system is currently undergoing testing and training before finally being installed.

Taking advantage of student discounts

February 6, 2015

    As students, we get many perks and discounts in the local community and throughout the United States from many businesses, attractions and restaurants. These small discounts are...

Misrepresentation of life through social media

Misrepresentation of life through social media

January 28, 2015

    Pictures from summer music festivals, relationship announcements and humorous quotes are in ample supply among Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Social media users often stare in...

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